American Enlistees (TEST)




Reg. No. Name Enlisted Notes
53221 Drew, Richard Windsor American Citizen. Wounded at the Somme and then returned to Canada. Appears to have been released from Canadian service so he could join the American Expeditionary Forces.
53267 Murray, George Francis Windsor Served with the 18th Battalion 22 months and then was discharged (July 12, 1916) to Canada to continue medical studies. Re-enlisted with the 160th Bn. September 14, 1916. He served as an Acting Sergeant and was dicharged again from the CEF on January 24, 1918 to enlist in the AEF.
53322 Butler, Leslie George Windsor Born in the U.S.A. he lived in Windsor when he enlisted. Discharged as medically unfit it appears he returned to Windsor and was buried there at the Windsor Grove Cemetery upon is death in 1960.
53408 Rymal, Milton James Fergus Though born at Chicago, Ill., Pte. Rymal enlisted with the 18th and served on the Continent being ill several times and returning to duty. It appears he returned to the U.S.A  area post-war as he is buried at Grand Haven, Michigan having died Sept. 5, 1947.
53415 Stiling, John Waters Woodstock A senior N.C.O. in the Battalion, C.Q.M.S. Stiling served the entire war with the Battalion, save some illness. He demobilized and is buried at Woodstock, Ontario.
53488 Murphy, Roy Donald London Enlisting in London he had kin living in Strathroy, Ontario. He served with the 18th until he was transferred to the 4th C.M.R. and earned the rank of sergeant. He was discarghed at Toronto March 1919. It appears he stayed in Canada having died at Westminster Hospital, London, Ontario on July 6, 1958.
53601 McCall, Joseph Chatham Born at Erie, PA., he emigrated to Canada and joind the 18th November 4, 1914. He served with the Battalion until wounded in the shoulder July 6, 1916.
54007 Campbell, Crofford G Strathroy Born in Detroit, this soldier had a most interesting service record. He served with the 18th Battalion and promoted to Corporal until he was wounded July 2, 1916. He eventually was attached to Dunsterforce, part of the Mesopotamia Expedetionary Force. He returned to Canada, residing at the end of his life in Brampton, Ontario until his death at Sunnybrooke Hosptial on August 23, 1958.
54145 Jackson, C. John London Born in New Mexico this soldier of the 18th is one of the most interesting. Claiming to have rode with Pancho Villa Pte. Jackson was promoted to lieutenant. He demobilized at Londont, Ontario May 1919 with a proposed residence of Des Moine, Iowa. He had received permission to marry by an Order of Council when in England.
54175 Kaplin, Harry London Born at New York, NY. He listed his religious denomintation as Church of England, but was in fact, Jewish. He was wounded July 1916 and after that he became ill and was released as medically unfit and returned to Canada via the Llandovery Castle on September 19, 1917. He may have served in Canada as he was discharged at Ottawa, Ontario on March 9, 1918 and he listed his special qualifications as a jeweller and was residing at 3 Pembroke Street, Toronto, Ontario.
54228 Remington, Frank Windsor Born at Lansing, Michigan, this soldier served with the Battalion, being wounded on June 18, 1916. He returned to service and was listed as wounded and missing September 23, 1916 at the Somme. He was eventually listed a killed in action on September 15, 1916.
54250 Carpenter, Clarence Oscar London Born at Philadelphia, PA. this soldier served with the 18th Battalion. He had a long convalescence and returned to the Battalion late in the war and was wounded two days before the Armastice was signed. He was demobolized after treatment at London on August 26, 1919. His wife lived in London during the war.
54245 Adams, John Windsor Born Aurora, Indiana. Originally with the 39th Bn., he was drafted to the 18th and served until he was wounded June 1916 dying of those wounds on July 10, 1916 at the National Hospital, Bloomsbury.
54305 Whipple, Harry Haywood Windsor Born Deadwood, SD. Previous military service Spanish American War and service with U.S. Army. Appears to have lied about age. See Soldier’s Page via link for full details.
54323 Maxwell, William James London Born New York, NY. Served with the Battalion until slated for cadet course to become an officer. Appears to have married overseas Dororthy Fraser Maxwell. Died in California on October 16, 1963.
54327 Doogan, William Thomas London Born Detroit, Michigan, this soldier served with the 18th Battalion and the C.E.F. until his discharge at London, Ontario on April 16, 1919. He died due to war related health issues on January 17, 1921 and is buried at Lockbourne, Ohio.
54336 Wildsmith, Bertram Elgin London Born Kalamazoo, Michigan, this man had 6-years of U.S. Calvary service.  He served with the 18th Battalion until he died at the Somme on October 3, 1916. He was killed in action and left a widow, Violet May Wildsmith of Hythe, Kent.
54338 Collins, William E. Windsor Born Cleveland, Ohio. Deserted before battalion left Canada. Assigned pay to mother.
54353 Gordon, Ross, AKA Ross, Walter George Windsor Uncertain.  This soldier enlisted under an assumed name appearing as the brother to H.D. Ross, reg. no. 54354. He appers to have served with the 18th until November 1915. He died at Hemet, California on November 4, 1945 and is buried at Los Angeles National Cemetery. Even his name at this site is different.
54354 Ross, Hugh Donald Windsor Uncertain. Claims Homesteand, PA. Served with the Battalion until wounded December 15, 1915. Discharged due to medical reason on July 15, 1918. He lists an address of 4410 Addmore Street, Cleveland, Ohio. He dies on March 2, 1962 having been informed of the death by his wife Mrs. H.D. Ross of 4436 Newport Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland.
54258 Egleston, John Listed in error.

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