La morti a tutti trova e lu munnu s’arrinova.

La morti a tutti trova e lu munnu s'arrinova. Sicilian Proverb. English: Death finds everyone and the world gets renewed. Acknowledgement With acknowledgement to Patrick M. Dennis who brought the role of conscripts and conscription into a sharper realistic relief with his presentations and excellent book, Reluctant Warriors: Canadian Conscripts in the Great War. I... Continue Reading →

July 1918 Casualties

TEXT Rank Surname Forename Date of Death Reg. No. Private COLLIE J 18/07/1918 928739 Private GRANT JAMES ALBERT 19/07/1918 651989 Private JACK HENRY 18/07/1918 651736

June 1918 Casualties

TEXT Rank Surname Forename Date of Death Reg. No. Private ALLSOP GEORGE HENRY 10/06/1918 3130373 Private BRADDOCK SYLVESTER 07/06/1918 53065 Private McCALMONT A 11/06/1918 880093 Private PIERSON H 28/06/1918 213415 Lieutenant SCULLY HAROLD LEO 07/06/1918 Link Private TURNEY W 28/06/1918 802279

April 1918 Casualties

Thirty-two men of the 18th Battalion perished this month. The Battalion was... Surname Forename Date of Death Reg. No. BROWN A E 05/04/1918 455391 ADIE ARCHIBALD WILLIAM 10/04/1918 851119 AVEY H 04/04/1918 540036 BEVEL THOMAS J. 22/04/1918 454031 BONE F S 04/04/1918 880120 BUCKMAN W 04/04/1918 769631 CLIMO F C 06/04/1918 675537 COMBOYE J W... Continue Reading →

January 1918 Casualties

January 1918 found the Battalion at Febvin Palfart with assignments in the front line in the Avion sector. It was a relatively quiet tour with no apparent casualties or deaths in the Battalion. Only two men of the 18th died this month. In the case of Private Brocklebank, he was to suffer wounds to his... Continue Reading →

December 1917 Casualties

There were no casualties that resulted in death due to action, wounds, or illness. The Battalion started its service in the Acheville Sector in support at the beginning of the month and was in the front lines as of December 3, 1917. They were active with wiring parties in the front line. A group of... Continue Reading →

November 1917 Casualties

The 18th Battalion was active in the Passchendaele Sector and the number of men in the 18th that have no known grave bears witness to the terrible conditions and ferocity of the fighting in that sector. Rank Surname Forename Date of Death Reg. No. Private ABERCROMBY J 09/11/1917 123978 Private AKINS J 09/11/1917 770008 Private... Continue Reading →

September 1917 Casualties

During September 1917 622 Canadian service personnel ware listed at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission of dying. Of these military personnel five of them were members of the 18th Battalion. Surname Forename Age Date of Death Interned Reg. No. AMOR FRANK 25 13/09/1917 France 158030 DANIEL JESSE 28 11/09/1917 France 53794 LUCAS REGINALD GUY 36... Continue Reading →

August 1917 Casualties

Casualties from August 1917. Not all the soldiers died in the field or in action. Several of the soldiers listed here died in Canada after receiving wounds in action and returning. Surname Forename Rank Reg. No. AIKIN DAVID Private 880497 ALLEN HENRY Private 158529 ARNOLD MARK Private 53770 BARTLEMAN  SCOTT Private 730043 BEAUDIN ELIE Private... Continue Reading →

May 1917 Casualties

Summary of May 1917 Activities (for more information please refer to war diary transcription to be posted at a later date) 42 members of the 18th Battalion perished this month. The beginning of May 1917 found the Battalion in service in the vicinity of Arras, France and were in reserve at NUEVILLE ST VAST where... Continue Reading →

October 1916 Casualties

October 1916 finds the 18th Battalion still engaged at the Somme. October 3rd was a particularly bad day for the Battalion.   Rank Surname Forename Age Date Reg. No. Private BARTON ALBERT 34 10/10/1916 415134 Private BROCK H E 27/10/1916 54003 Private BURTON SIDNEY 33 02/10/1916 157097 Private CLARKE ARTHUR RAYMOND 03/10/1916 124362 Private DANIEL... Continue Reading →

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