Blencowe, Charles: Service no. 123103

Military Medal winner.

The Battle of the Scarpe was the last action of the war for Charles he was very badly injured and was shipped to England to the Royal Herbert Hospital Woolwich. he was discharged  March 1919 but stayed for further hospitalisation in England.  In August 1919  he married  Ada Violet Reid and they returned to Canada. Charles later moved to the USA and died there in 1962.

Digitized Service Records

247955a Blencowe, Charles: Service no. 123103 Attestation Paper Page 2



One thought on “Blencowe, Charles: Service no. 123103

  1. Charles Numno Blencowe was born in Birmingham England 1892 his Father Albert Levetus 1866. Seems the family went for unusual second names. Charles Brother Albert Edward served with the Worcester Regt. from 1908 until 1919.
    In 1916 on 16th Sept. Charles was posted to the front line in Tara Valley camp and joined 18th Bn. as one of 24 reinforcements. he served until he was invalided home to England in 1918.

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