Braisby/Braisley, William Henry: Service no. 53204


Digitized Service Records

Source: Mentioned in Gerald Thomas, reg. no. 53164 service record.


Summary of Service for Sergeant William Braisby, reg. no. 53204

March 16, 1879BornBorn at Melton Newbury, Leicester, England.
October 22, 1914EnlistsEnlist with the 18th Battalion at Windsor, Ontario, on October 22, 1914. He is one of the first soldiers to enlist as this is the earliest enlistment date seen, to date, by this researcher. He is a “shoe finisher” and indicates prior military experience with the 21st Regiment in Canada and Buck Yeomanry (probably in England) and the Transvaal Police in South Africa.



He stands 5’8” tall and it is noted that he has a bullet wound, right thigh, and a mole on the right cheek. He is 35-years and 7-months old at enlistment.

November 9, 1914InoculatedAnti-Typhoid.
November 19, 1914InoculatedAnti-Typhoid.
December 19, 1914Vaccinated 
April 1915Assigns PayAssigns pay to his brother F. Braisby of Georgetown, Ontario at the rate of $20.00 per month.
April 29, 1915Arrives EnglandArrives England aboard the S.S. Grampian.
July 1, 1915PromotedPromoted Corporal.
July 26, 1915PromotedPromoted Lance-Sergeant.
September 14, 1915Embarks OverseasEmbarks for the Continent with the 18th Battalion as part of the 2nd Division move to active service at the front.
December 27, 1915AdmittedAdmitted to No. 5. Canadian Field ambulance for GSW to right thigh. War Diary stated on this date: “Battn as yesterday – Pte Storing killed in action – 3 – O.R. sent to hospital.”
December 28, 1915TransferredTransferred to the No. 8 Casualty Clearing Station.
December 29, 1918Transferred for TransportTransferred onto No. 18 Train for transport to treatment at a hospital.
December 29, 1918AdmittedAdmitted to No. 8 B.R.C. (British Red Cross) Hospital at Paris Plage.
January 28, 1916TransferredDischarged from hospital and transferred to No. 6 Convalescent Camp.
January 29, 1916TransferredTransferred to Detail Camp, Etaples, France.
February 2, 1916TransferredTransferred the Canadian Base Depot, Etaples, France.
February 15, 1916Proceeds to Join UnitThe Battalion is in Divisional Reserve at La Clytte, Flanders.
February 16, 1916Joins Unit 
March 14, 1916AdmittedAdmitted to No. 5 C.F.A. for myalgia due to prior GSW wound to thigh.
March 16, 1916TransferredTransferred to No. 6 C.F.A.D.R.S.[i]
March 22, 1916DischargedDischarged from No. 6 C.F.A.D.R.S.
April 1, 1916EmployedEmployed and 2nd Division Laundry at WESTOUTRE, as part of the 2nd Divisional Convalescent Company.
April 23, 1916AdmittedAdmitted to No. 5 C.F.A.
April 30, 1916EmployedEmployed at then 2nd Divisional Cinema.
April 27, 1916AdmittedAdmitted to No. 4. Canadian Field Ambulance for wound to hand.
May 3, 1916DischargedDischarged from No. 4 C.F.A. to duty.
June 30, 1916AttachedAttached to 2nd Canadian Divisional Convalescent Company. Not clear if this is related to health issues or for duty with unit.
July 28, 1916PromotedPromoted Sergeant as Sgt. Rayward, reg. no. 53279 is granted a commission.
October 27, 1916Granted LeaveGranted 10 days leave.
June 1, 1917InoculatedTAB
April 9, 1914Mentioned in DespatchesMentioned in Despatches per London Gazette. No. 30107. January 6, 1917. Page 5426.
July 22, 1917AttachedAttached to No. 4 Field Company, Canadian Engineers.
August 23, 1917Ceased to Be AttachedReturns to 18th Battalion.
September 20, 1917WillMakes out a Military Will leaving his estate to his brother whose address is Box 190, Georgetown, Ontario.
November 9, 1917Killed in ActionHe was killed in action by a high explosive shell at the action at Passchendaele. He is referred to in the memory about this action. He is buried at plot V.K.9 at the Oosttaverne Wood Cemetery in Belgium. He is the only member of the 18th Battalion to be interred here but he rests with 476 other soldiers at peace.
May 25, 1921Scroll DispatchedScroll No. 244696 dispatched to F. Braisby of Georgetown, Ontario. Brother.
August 9, 1921Plaque DispatchedPlaque No. P149 dispatched as above.

[i] No reference to the meaning of this acronym has been found.

“Killed in Action.” This non-commissioned officer was instantly killed by the explosion of an enemy shell, which fell close beside him during the operations near PASSCHENDAELE.
Phot courtesty of Marg Liessens. Source: CVWM

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