Worth, Walter Garlick: Lieutenant

Digitized Service Record

Source: Taken on strength October 1916.

Several other officers of the 93rd served with the 18th. Lts. Eastwood, Might and Watt.


Blog article pertaining to this man and his photographs.

Walter attended technical school in Bradford, Yorkshire with his brother Edgar.

Walter emigrated to Sweden to the United States and then to Canada where he owned a woolen mill.

He served in World War I in the 32nd Canadian Regt. and was wounded at the battle of Vimy Ridge on Easter morning 1917. He was shot in the jaw by a sniper. The sniper was captured and forced to carry Walter back to the hospital. The family at first was told he had been killed. He spent 3 or 4 months in a base hospital about 1918 or 1919. After recovering, he was “invalided” to London, where he met up with Harold Pilling, who had just arrived in time for the armistice. Harold was an enlisted man and Walter was an officer, but Walter lent Harold one of his civilian suits to wear so he could sneak him into the officer’s bars in London. Since Harold was a VERY large man and Walter was rather small, this was probably a funny sight. Harold and Walter went into partnership together after the war.

Later he came to South Pasadena, California when the rest of his family moved there. Walter’s divorced his first wife, Dagmar, soon after their marriage, and several years later married Lily. Walter had no children.


Peterborough Examiner. May 8, 1917. Page 8.


Video Description: Inman family around 1930, Yorkshire, England. Film shot (probably) by Walter Garlick Worth, who was visiting from California. The Inmans were well-to-do industrialists who were friends of the Worth family (who were in the woolen mill business0.


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