What’s In a Name?

History and memory can be tenuous. As time passes and the source of history - the people who experienced the events - fade with each death. With each passing year after an event, be it small or world shaping, there is a loss of the source of information about the event. There are books, archives,... Continue Reading →


The 18th Battalion was nearing the end of its training. As it was formed in the latter part of October 1914 from South-Western Ontario the soldiers were collected in London, Ontario for training. As the Battalion was about to leave for England via Halifax on the S.S. Grampian on April 18, 1915. Thus, the Battalion... Continue Reading →

A Traitor in the Ranks

The war is over. Not long over but the reverberations and attitudes to people considered “others” by Canadian society appears to still be prevalent and on the minds of the general public even at wars end. At least it was important enough to make a page three story in the Border Cities Star published in... Continue Reading →

War Diary of the 18th Battalion: February 1916

Confidential War Diary of 18th Canadian Battalion  2nd Canadian Division From 1st February to 29th February 1916 Volume 6 Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information VIERSTRAAT Feb. 1 “B” and “D” Coys in trenches “M” + “N”. Lt. Col. E.S. Wigle acting Brigadier 4th Can. Infy. Bgde. Lieut. RISPIN went to 1st Infy.... Continue Reading →

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