Dyer, John Clements: Service no. 189746


Digitized Service Record


Note:  Made aware of this solder via a blog comment. Member of 18th Battalion Facebook Group.

American citizen.

Photo submitted to the 18th Battalion Facebook Group by Ed Wilson: “Aix-Noulette cemetery where 15 men are buried. On the road D.coy were hit with a High Explosive shell. 53 casualties, 23 fatal including our own distant relative (on Mums side) John Clements Dyer.”
Photo submitted to the 18th Battalion Facebook Group by Ed Wilson. The men in the photo are in replica uniforms of the 18th Battalion and flank Private Dyer’s headstone.
Chatham Planet. May 11, 1916. Via Allan Miller 18th Battalion Facebook Group.

Summary of Service[i] for Private John Clements Dyer, reg. no. 189746

March 28, 1897BornDetroit, Michigan, United States of America to James Dyer, father.
January 3, 1916EnlistedEnlisted with the 186th Overseas Battalion at St. Thomas, Ontario. He was a 18-year, 9-month old woodworker standing 5’4” tall and a chest of 33” with a 2” expansion. He was a Methodist. He weighed 120 lbs. His medical record shows is “Habits” were “good.” His next-of-kin is his father, James Dyer, residing at 174 Gray Street, Chatham, Ontario.


Note: This soldier originally enlisted with the 91st Battalion and was transferred to the 186th on February 29, 1916.

February, April, and May 1916Inoculated and Vaccinated 
July 7, 19162 Days C.B.Per. D.O. 125 of that date.
January 22, 19171 Day C.B.Per D.O. 18 of that date.
March 27, 1917EmbarkedEmbarked the S.S. Lapland at Halifax for service in England.
April 1, 1917Assigned PayAssigned $20.00 of his pay to Mrs. Georgina Dyer, 174 Gray Street, Chatham, Ontario.
April 7, 1917DisembarkedDisembarked at Liverpool for Bramshott Camp.
April 7, 1917TransferredStuck off Strength (SOS) the 186th Battalion and Taken Off Strength (TOS) 4th Reserve Canadian Battalion, Bramshott.
June 5, 1917TransferredSOS the 4th Cdn. Res. Bn. To the 18th Battalion.
June 6, 1917ArrivedArrived 2 Canadian Infantry Base Depot, Etaples, France.
June 13, 1917JoinedJoined the 18th Battalion “In the Field.” The War Diary relates, ““B” Company at ranges on Musketry instruction. Special training by R.S.M. Price[ii] of N.C.Os. 52 o.rs arrived as reinforcements. 3 o.rs returned from hospital.”
August 21, 1917Killed in ActionKilled by shell bursting in road. This action was one of the greatest single causes of loss of life by an event in the Battalion’s history. The War Diary relates,
  “The Battalion left BULLY-GRENAY at9.30 a.m. and proceeded to BOUVIGNY HUTS going in Corps Reserve. On the road “D”coy sustained 52 casualties, 23 of which were fatal, by the bursting of an enemy shell (high velocity). This bringing our casualties to approximately 220 during the tour.


Lieut. W. Hampton and 4 O.Rs admitted to hospital.”

On or about August 21, 1917InterredPrivate Dyer was interred at Aix-Noulette Communal Cemetery Extension. He is buried along with 23 other comrades of the 18th Battalion at grave I.M.11. His inscription reads “ASLEEP IN JESUS”
October 10, 1920Memorial Plaque DespatchedMemorial Plaque Reqn. No. P11076 dispatched to James Dyer.
November 11, 1920War Medals DespatchedVictory and British War Medal despatched ref. (2)C30073.
1920Memorial Cross DespatchedMemorial Cross despatched. Note that mother died subsequent to receiving it.
December 3, 1920Scroll DespatchedMemorial Scroll Reqn. No. 22899 dispatched to James Dyer.

[i] The Summary of Service for this soldier is meant as just that, a summary of his service. It is not intended to be an exhaustive biographical relation of his life or his war service. Some information may be deliberately suppressed by the author out of sensitivity to the soldier. Readers are encouraged to reference the actual service records available at the Library and Archives Canada in PDF format if they wish to learn more about this soldier. Such additional information (i.e. hyperlinks etc.) are for informational purpose only and no claim to verification or accuracy is made by the author of this summary.

[ii] The identity of this soldier has not been confirmed. Possibly Price, George:  Service no. 928158.

“Killed in Action.” During military operations in the vicinity of Aix-Noulette, he was instantly killed by the explosion of an enemy shell.

Son of James and Rebecca Dyer, of 189, William St. South, Chatham, Ontario.


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