McNanley, Harold John: Service no. 445304


Digitized Service Record

Source: August 1917 casualty. Died of illness.



Under age. Born on April 25, 1900 at Amesbury, Massachusetts.

This man attested to the 55th Battalion on July 23, 1915, at Sussex, New Brunswick. He claimed he was born on April 25, 1897, when records indicate he was born that date but in 1900. This would make him under-aged and not eligible for military service with the CEF.

Standing 5’7″ tall he was a farmer and he listed his sister, Filomena, as his next-of-kin.

He also stated his place of birth was McAdam, York County, New Brunswick but he was born at Amesbury, Massachusetts.

He arrived in England on November 9, 1915, and served at West Sandling for training until taken on strength with the 18th Battalion on June 6, 1916, arriving in the field with the battalion in Belgium (Ypres) on June 10, 1916.

He served with the 18th until taken ill on April 10, 1917, and was transferred to England for treatment.

He contracted TB and peritonitis in April 1917.

He returned to Canada aboard the SS Letitia on July 21, 1917, as medically unfit for further military service.

He was discharged and died on August 13, 1917. He died at Halifax, Nova Scotia.


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