Dillon, Arnold Munreo: Lieutenant

Digitized Service Record

Officer in “D” Company per 18th Battalion Association Memory article about Lieut. John Clarke.

Military Wedding a Social Event London Advertiser March 29 1915 Page 2
London Advertiser. March 29, 1915. Page 2.

Lieut. Arnold Dillon Weds Miss Dorothy Allen Tomorrow.

A military wedding of much social interest will take place tomorrow, when Lieut. Arnold Dillon, son of J. M. Dillon, Marley Place, will take as his bride Miss Dorothy Allen, daughter of W.C. Allen, 385 Queen’s avenue.

Lieut. Dillon is attached to the 18th Battalion and will son leave for the front. He was connected with the 7th Regiment before enlisting for active service.

The bride-to-be is on of London’s most charming daughters. The fathers of the young couple are both prominent London businessmen.

Source: London Free Press. Note that Lieutenant Dillon was wounded February 25, 1916.

London Free Press: Through a cablegram to his parents in this city, it was learned yesterday that Lieut. Arnold M. Dillon, of the 18th Battalion, had been wounded, though to what extent is not known. Lieut. Dillon, who was formerly of the 7th Regiment, is a son of Mrs. John H. Dillon, of the A.M. Smith company firm. At present he and Mrs. Dillon are in Florida. Lieut. Dillon was married, after being appointed to the 18th to Miss Allen, daughter of W.C. Allen, of this city. The young officer’s wife is now in Stratford, Eng. The casualty list last night did not include Lieut. Dillon’s name.

66363595_323971711827248_7716443732685357056_n (1)
Source: London Free Press. February 6, 1916. Via Allan Miller from Facebook.



Lieut. Arnold M. Dillon, one of the original officers of the famous 18th Battalion, who has been home on furlough for the last two months recuperating from wounds, left last night over the C.P.R. on his way back to the firing line. He will report for duty, probably at Shorncliffe. Mrs. Dillon left with him and will remain in England. Lieut. Dillon, who is the son of Mrs. J.M. Dillon, of 10 Marley Place, South London, was severely wounded in the head while serving with the 18th.

Source: London Free Press. February 6, 1916. Via Allan Miller from Facebook.


Description of Wound Wife follows him to England.




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