Milligan Henry Linton: Major (Distinguished Service Order, MID)

Digitized Service Record

Source: War Diary.

Distinguished Service Order per London Gazette no. 29886, January 1, 1917. Mentioned in Dispatches per London Gazette no. 29890, April 1, 1917.

Source: Operation Picture Me via The 18th Battalion Facebook Group. London Free Press. October 12, 1916.

Annotation 2020-01-29 075131

Major Henry Linton Milligan
Major Henry Linton Milligan: From his obit. “The London Free Press”, July 2, 1941.

During World War One he was promoted to Lt. Colonel and was one of the commanders of the 18th. Battalion. He died in London on July 1, 1941.

Notice of wife’s death. Exeter Times, 1916-9-21, Page 4.

Mrs. H.L. Milligan, wife of Lieut.-Colonel Milligan, in command of the 18th Battalion at the front, died at Victoria Hospital, London, Ont., following an operation.

Source: Allan Miller via Facebook.

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