Aikenhead, Harold Raymond: Service No. 54160

 Digitized Service Record

Medical Officer War Diary Entry:

Date: Oct 3

No 5416 H. R. AIKENHEAD was hit in head with bully beef tin which someone was using to test a trench catapult [illegible] was sent to 5 F.A. . Likewise 54252 T. H. ROBINSON who was shot in left [scupution?] region was returned to billets in DRANUTRE in [illegible] of C company.

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  1. Can you give me any more details about Harold and the 18th please. I came across him on a project I am working on to remember those mentioned in the RCL Last Post on line database. He was a bugler and appears to have come through his service pretty well unscathed. Here’s the link to my project.
    p.s. Thank you for sharing your work in a public space.

    1. Liz,

      Thank you for the note and your compliment.

      Sadly Harold Aikenhead seems to disappear from the the ability to search for information online. I did a search today and may have found two references for this soldier. He may have been interested in stamps and may be mentioned here and here . Both articles make mention to a “Harold Aikenhead” and reference that person living in London. I also checked out the LAC’s Veteran Death Cards to see if I could get a date and location of death but there is no reference there.

      My recommendation is to see if you can find an portal at a library and see if you can come up with some marriage and death information.

      You will note that his service record is available and on October 3, 1915 the medical officer makes a notation about him.

      If you read his service record and have specific questions I will do my best to help you. I do have a Facebook Group if you wish to join and will send you an invitation. There are some members there that might be able to help.


    2. not sure if you still need more info on Harold Aikenhead – 18th Batallion. He was my Grandfather. His daughter – 92 years (Audrey Gibson) lives in Exeter Ontario and his son – 94 years Bruce Aikenhead lives in Salmon Arm B.C.
      Audrey has photo albums of her Dad’s time in the war and can fill you in on more details. Please contact me if you would like further info. He was playing in an army band for awhile before “action” started. He was eventually hospitalized in England due to a serious skin ailment. He married one of his nurses – Claire Bird.

      1. Jo Ann,

        Thank you for finding my blog. I do have a Facebook Group and Exeter is not to far for me so I would be interesting in meeting Audrey.

        Please feel free to contact me at ebd.edwards [at]


  2. I am the granddaughter of Harold Aikenhead and if you need further info on relatives (daughter and son now in their 90’s please contact me

    1. Jo Ann,

      Thank you for posting this comment. If you have any pictures or biographical information you wish to add please feel free to send it to ebd.edwards [at] and I would be happy to include it with an appropriate credit.



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