Walker, Reginald Henry: Service no. 769686 (Military Medal)


Digitized Service Record

Source: “Duty Nobly Done” relates on page 223 that Private Walker assisted in repelling a German trench raid on March 13, 1917 in the Vimy Sector.


This man enlisted with the 124th Overseas Battalion at Toronto, Ontario on January 4, 1916. He was almost 38-years old, much older than the average Canadian soldier of that war. He was a fireman and married to Mrs. Ethel Walker, who resided at 13 Fybridge Street, Norwich, Norfolk, England.

His unit embarked for Liverpool at Halifax, Nova Scotia on April 7, 1916, and arrived there on August 18, 1916.

2-months passed and he was transferred to the 18th Battalion, arriving with the 2nd Canadian Entrenching Battalion on November 5, 1916, and then was attached on the 13th of that month to No. 5 Field Company, Canadian Engineers. This attachment ceased on the 26th and he was returned to the 2nd Cdn. Entrenching Battalion until February 21, 1917, when he finally arrived at the 18th Battalion.

He served with the Battalion, earning the military medal for “Bravery in the Field” per the London Gazette. No. 30036. 26.4.17. Page 39491. This was probably for actions the prior month.

He was killed in action on April 13, 1917, near Thelus and his body was never identified.

Source: CVWM

Death Followed Decoration

Five days before he fell in action Pte. Reginald Henry Walker was awarded the Military Medal for gallantry. The Star broke the news of his death to his friends in Toronto. “Is he killed? The poor fellow; he was a good honest boy.” Thus did Mrs. Margaret Nolan, 51 1/2 Mutual street, speak of him when she was informed that he had been killed in action. “He promised to write, but we never heard from him,” added Mrs. Nolan.

“Tommy Evans enlisted and Jack decided to go with,” Pte. Walker’s widow and child live in England. Prior to enlistment he worked at the Massey-Harris works. He was 38 years old and went overseas August last.

Source: Toronto Star – May 2nd, 1917.

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