Mitchelmore, William Thomas: Service no. 53033

Digitized Service Record

Source: 18th Battalion Nominal Roll, April 1915.


British Home Child.

William Thomas MITCHELMORE [Tree 09] was taken from a Poor Law School in Liverpool to a Dr Barnardo’s Home in Toronto ON under the Child Emigration Scheme. However, by 1917 he was back in England and apparently never returned to Canada. Source

head William Thomas MITCHELMORE

b 1891.4 Prescot

b 26Aug1891 ^ 6 Catherine Street, Widnes, Lancashire

1901 school boy @ 9 b Widness ^ St Vincent’s Boys Home, Fulwood, Liverpool (William)

15Apr1902 admitted to St Marie’s Roman Catholic Primary School, Widnes; formerly of St Vincent’s, Preston, left 7Nov1902 (William) UK life events

24 Mar 1904 @13: departed Liverpool aboard Southwark for Portland OR, then to Dr Barnardo’s in Toronto ON under child emigration scheme (Wm) UK shipping North American shipping

5Apr1904 @ 12 ^ London: arrived Portland on Southwark from Liverpool, bound for Dr Bernardo’s Home, Toronto; ticket paid for by Dr Barnardo’s; no previous visits North American shipping & migration

1911 brakesman @ 20 b 1889 England ^ East Queen Street, Palmerston ON, emigrated to Canada 1905; lodging with Richard JOHNSTON

27Oct1914 enlisted in Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force at Walkerton ON: unm farmer b 26Aug1891 Liverpool; next of kin: Margaret MITCHELMORE, Liverpool

m 1917.2 Epsom, ROBJENT (William T)

m 24May1917 St Barnabas, Epsom: William Thomas MITCHELMORE, soldier @ 24 ^ Bramshott Camp, Hampshire, father Joseph MITCHELMORE (deceased), naval officer; Grace Lilian ROBJENT, cook @ 24 ^ 5 Upper Court Road, Epsom, father James ROBJENT (deceased), labourer

1920 master baker personal communication

builder: built family home in Cheam, Surrey personal communication

1939 @ 48 ^ Sutton & Cheam (William J)

29Aug1940 departed Liverpool aboard Duchess of Richmond for Halifax NS (William) UK shipping & migration

d 1947.4 Surrey Mid E @ 56

d 9Dec1947; bur Cuddington Cemetery, Sutton


St Vincent’s Boys Home was part of Bishop O’Reilly’s Memorial Poor Law School, which his sister Mary was also attending in 1901. A description of life at the boy’s school is available here.

It is not known who William’s reported next of kin Margaret MITCHELMORE was; it is possible William did not know anything about his origins and simply invented a name.


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