Brown, George Andrew: Service no. 405204

Digitized Service Record

Source: Per post of unique discharge certificate by Rusty Nutz at the 18th Battalion Facebook Group.


This soldier, an almost 35-year-old moulder at the time of his enlistment, decided to join the 35th Battalion by enlisting with this unit at Minto, Ontario on August 21, 1915. After joining this battalion, he arrived in England on October 25, 1915, aboard the SS Metagama.

After a hospital stay, he was transferred to the 18th Battalion on March 15, 1916, arriving at the fron the very next day. He served with the 18th july 19, 1916, when he needed treatment of his hand due to periostitis of his left hand. Returning to the Battalion he served with it until classed as unfit for active duty effective August 10, 1916, and sent to England.

He was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and was invalided to Canada February 16, 1918, for further treatment.

Returning to Canada he was treated and then discharged October 4, 1918, in Toronto, Ontario.

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