Calhoun, James Warren: Service no. 880786

Digitized Service Record



Biographical Information:

James Warren Calhoun 21 23 was born in 1882 in Wheatley, Ontario, Canada,21 died in 1964 22 at age 82, and was buried in Maple Leaf Cemetery, Chatham, Ontario, Canada.24 

James married Mabel E. Vaughan 22 25 in 1904 in Tilbury East Twp, Essex County, Ontario, Canada.22 23 Mabel was born on Mar 27, 1885 in Ontario, Canada,25 died in 1970 22 at age 85, and was buried in Maple Leaf Cemetery, Chatham, Ontario, Canada.24 They had five children: Leslie Vaughan, James Ivan, Ira John, Roy Warner, and Edward Raymond.


Calhoun, James Warren: Service no. 880786.
xray of wound
xray of wound 2
Report of Wound
Report of Accident Leading to Injury Page 1
History of Case

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