Kelly (AKA Kelley), David Alexander: Service no. 213203 (DCM)

Digitized Service Record

Source:  War Diary Entry


Note that his name is spelled “Kelley” and “Kelly”. Earned the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

The London Gazette. Publication date: 1 October 1918 Supplement: 30932 Page: 11685

213203 Armr. Cpl. D. A. Kelly, Can. Infy.

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. This non-commissioned officer went forward alone to attack an enemy “pill-box,” which he approached from the rear, crawling through the wire defences. Entering the place, he shot two men and seized another, firing his revolver into a party of six as he emerged with his prisoner, whom he brought back to our lines under heavy fire from the enemy posts, that by now were thoroughly alarmed. He completed his enterprise in an hour’s time, displaying intrepid coolness and gallant determination that were a fine example to all who witnessed his action.

Source: The London Gazette. Publication date: 1 October 1918 Supplement: 30932 Page: 11685

Transcription of War Diary May 26, 1918

Desultory shelling by enemy over who area and near country. A courageous act was done this morning by #212203 Arm. Cpl. D. A. KELLEY. At 8.15 Cpl. Kelley with a wiring party left our trench at N.19.a70.89 and proceeded up an old communication trench towards enemy lines to definitively locate positions  and defences of enemy post located in this trench. Cpl. Kelley was able to get close to this post and found 3 Germans on sentry duty. He rushed the barrier in front of this post and shot 2 of the occupants and dragged the third across the barrier.. Several of the enemy were seen to run back along the trench. An enemy machine gun opened up and bombs where thrown but Cpl. Kelley returned safely to our line with his prisoner. Shortly after Cpl Kelley had returned [to] our line, a party of the enemy was seen to come into and down the trench toward raided post. Party estimated at 15 to 18. Several of them appeared on sides of the trench looking around apparently trying to locate the prisoner we had taken. Capt. Dougall and sentries in A Coy line immediately opened fire and six of the enemy were seen to fall and the remainder disappeared.

War Diary Entry May 26 1918
War Diary Entry May 26, 1918.

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