The Deliquency of an Entire Battalion

Baseball was a large part of battalion life. Numerous articles attest to this at this blog. The Battalion played at Folkestone[i], at a Sports Day at Hythe, and during brigade and divisional sports days, amongst other mentions. Baseball was of keen interest to the men of the Canadian Expeditionary Force and the 18th Battalion. So... Continue Reading →

The Raid at Hill 70

4th Canadian Infantry Brigade Order No. 142 outlined the details of a raid on the German lines in detail. The order specifically directs the Battalion in the intention and actions during the raid and was an important preparatory step for the Battalion, and the other Battalions of the Brigade for the attach on Hill 70... Continue Reading →

A Scratching on a Wall in France

Private Archibald Leonard Cater joined the 18th Battalion on March 31, 1916 and served with the Battalion in France until the day he died 1 day after being wounded on October 1, 1918 in the Arras sector. At sometime before his death he left a stark reminder of his existence: an inscription on what appears... Continue Reading →

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