Mowat, William: Service no. 405365

Digitized Service Record

Source: Per post by group member at the 18th Battalion Facebook Group.

Biography courtesy of the Group Member:

“Here we have the British War Medal and Victory Medal (405365 A.SJT. W. MOWAT. 18-CAN. INF.) together with The King Edward VII Police (Scotland) Medal 1903 (P.C. W. MOWATT), also known as the Visit to Scotland Medal 1903. The thistle suspender is also present with the later medal, but is often lost on other examples. Briefly, William Mowat was born in Freswick, Canesbay, Scotland in 1881, immigrated to Canada in 1907 and enlisted in the 35th Battalion in Toronto on August 16, 1915. His profession is listed as Electrician and also interestingly, Professor of Lifesaving (whatever that is). There is no mention of police service, however I note in his service records that he was promoted to Acting Serjeant (Provost Serjeant) in 1916, so there may be something to it. He later reverted to his former rank, possibly in order to get into action in France. He eventually ended up with the 18th Battalion in 1917 and suffered a GSW to the back on August 28, 1918 (Shrapnel, contusion and gassed). By the time he recovered, the war was essentially over and he was repatriated to Canada. In 1919 he ended up in near Hanna, Alberta as a farmer and purchases a quarter section of land with the aid of the Soldiers Settlement Board in 1920. He married in 1921, and had one child in 1925, who sadly died the same year. There are no more children. In 1925, he applied for another quarter section of land through the provisions of the Soldiers Grant legislation. He acquired a Certificate for Soldier Grant Entry and made improvements over the next several years as required. In 1932, having fulfilled all the requirements, he is granted patent to the land. William Mowat passed away

The Hanna Herald. September 27, 1956. Page 1.

September 25, 1956 and is buried in the Hanna Cemetery.”


Source: 18th Battalion Facebook post by member.
Source: 18th Battalion Facebook post by member.

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