Harley, Charles: Service no. 174582 (Distinguished Conduct Medal)

Digitized Service Record

Gazette Record for Distinguished Conduct Medal:  Page 13462, Supplement to the London Gazette. 15, November, 1918.

Distinguished Conduct Medal

174582 Sjt. C. Harley, Infy.

During an advance a trench on the right flank of the battalion offered stubborn resistance. This non-commissioned officer detached a party of twenty men and rushed the position in the face of strong opposition. After bombing the post and bayonetingmany of the garrison the remainder surrendered, over 100 prisoners and four machine guns being captured.

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Sgt. Harley Gazette Record

The following from Stonetown/CEFSG

The ’18th Canadian Infantry Battalion Record Book’ held by the University of Western Ontario Archives shows that Charles Harley was posted to D Company of the 18th on 17 October 1916. He was still with the 18th as late as 25 November 1918 when he was given fourteen days leave in England. If the record book is to be believed, he was not wounded, evacuated sick or posted elsewhere during his service in France.

I checked my detailed notes on the 18th Battalion and I have some additional information on Charles Harley.
Promoted A/L/Cpl 9 June 1917, A/Cpl 29 August 1917 and A/Sgt 24 November 1917. On leave in England 12-29 November 1917. Admitted to hospital in England 22 November 1917 and returned 21 March 1918. Transferred to CCRC 17 September 1918. Awarded DCM 4 October 1918 for conduct during the Battle of Amiens in August 1918.

Further Info

Harley, Charles 174582 page 1 Harley, Charles 174582 page 2 

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