Two Men. Two Scouts. One Raid.

On the night of July 26/27 men of the 18th Battalion carried out a “minor trench raid”. The weather was “Fine but dull”[i] on that day. In that raid were two men, originals with the Battalion, who both have quite different stories. Private Forrester Private Alfred Forrester, reg. no. 53648[ii] war service started out rather... Continue Reading →

“Scouts should be picked men…”

On August 4, 1915, the London Advertiser published a picture on page 3. In this picture was the image of seventeen young men who were scouts for the 18th Battalion. The photograph appears to be taken in England as the Battalion was in training at West Sandling, near Hythe, Kent. In this picturesque and bucolic... Continue Reading →

Pvt. Thomas Neill and Hill 70

Used with permission of Iris Russak ( and The Kingston Association of Musuem Art Galleries + Historic Sites Blog. Orginal article is here. Thomas Neill had joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force along with his brother James in March 1916, when he enlisted with the 111th South Waterloo Battalion. They had completed basic training at Camp... Continue Reading →

The Cost: 900 Dead

The men who sacrificed from the 18th Battalion whose death were attributed to their participation in the war. In some cases these men died while serving with other units. Number Service No Rank Last Name First Name 1 123978 Private Abercromby James 2 158531 Private Adams Edward 3 54245 Private Adams John 4 454389 Private... Continue Reading →

September 1918 Casualties

Rank Surname Forename Date of Death Reg. No. Private BLOOMFIELD A D 12/09/1918 844064 Private CLARK G M 20/09/1918 651472 Corporal CRIESS LOUIS JAMES 10/09/1918 225548 Private DOLSEN F 15/09/1918 189748 Private DUFFY J F 02/09/1918 844269 Private ELLERY WILLIAM SAMUEL 14/09/1918 54203 Private ENGLISH R 23/09/1918 3131583 Private HIGGINS F 17/09/1918 675969 Private HOPKIN... Continue Reading →

July 1918 Casualties

TEXT Rank Surname Forename Date of Death Reg. No. Private COLLIE J 18/07/1918 928739 Private GRANT JAMES ALBERT 19/07/1918 651989 Private JACK HENRY 18/07/1918 651736

June 1918 Casualties

TEXT Rank Surname Forename Date of Death Reg. No. Private ALLSOP GEORGE HENRY 10/06/1918 3130373 Private BRADDOCK SYLVESTER 07/06/1918 53065 Private McCALMONT A 11/06/1918 880093 Private PIERSON H 28/06/1918 213415 Lieutenant SCULLY HAROLD LEO 07/06/1918 Link Private TURNEY W 28/06/1918 802279

A Splendid Officer: Captain E.H. Shuttleworth

18th Battalion Association[i] Windsor and Detroit Branch *MEMORIES[ii]* I would like to pay a special tribute to Capt. Dick Shuttleworth, another of our splendid officers who never forgot the men who served with him in France and Belgium, many under his own command. When some of our members go to Westminster, they often call and... Continue Reading →

February 1916 Casualties

  Rank Surname Forename Date of Death Reg. No Private BRODIE JAMES BENJAMIN 25/02/1916 53776 Private COLVIN D 24/02/1916 54223 Private HADLEY J 28/02/1916 412764

Rest Easy Uncle John

You look like you filled out and put on weight in your uniform in the picture. You stand slightly cocked to one side beside your brother, which makes you appear shorter than your brother more than the 2 and ¾ inches between you. Perhaps a year’s worth of training allowed your 19-year frame to grow... Continue Reading →

April 1918 Casualties

Thirty-two men of the 18th Battalion perished this month. The Battalion was... Surname Forename Date of Death Reg. No. BROWN A E 05/04/1918 455391 ADIE ARCHIBALD WILLIAM 10/04/1918 851119 AVEY H 04/04/1918 540036 BEVEL THOMAS J. 22/04/1918 454031 BONE F S 04/04/1918 880120 BUCKMAN W 04/04/1918 769631 CLIMO F C 06/04/1918 675537 COMBOYE J W... Continue Reading →

January 1918 Casualties

January 1918 found the Battalion at Febvin Palfart with assignments in the front line in the Avion sector. It was a relatively quiet tour with no apparent casualties or deaths in the Battalion. Only two men of the 18th died this month. In the case of Private Brocklebank, he was to suffer wounds to his... Continue Reading →

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