Eager to Get Over There: Private Drinkwater’s Desire

The seems to be no lack of enthusiasm for the Galtonians that joined the 18th Battalion to get into the fight. Even with the advent of static trench warfare due to the mechanization of combat from the use of rapid-fire weapons and massed artillery ending in casualties that had amounted to 9,182 Canadian casualties since … Continue reading Eager to Get Over There: Private Drinkwater’s Desire

“He was a Canadian to the fingertips…”

Private William J. Bartlett was a wizened 35-years old when the letter transcribed below was published. He was a journalist by profession and the object of his letter was 13-years his junior. The former survived the war, the latter did not. “HE DID HIS BIT”[i] [BY W.J. BARTLETT.] Pte. W.J. Bartlett of the 18th Battalion, … Continue reading “He was a Canadian to the fingertips…”

Pvt. Thomas Neill and Hill 70

Used with permission of Iris Russak (www.irisrussak.com) and The Kingston Association of Musuem Art Galleries + Historic Sites Blog. Orginal article is here. Thomas Neill had joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force along with his brother James in March 1916, when he enlisted with the 111th South Waterloo Battalion. They had completed basic training at Camp … Continue reading Pvt. Thomas Neill and Hill 70

June 1918 Casualties

TEXT Rank Surname Forename Date of Death Reg. No. Private ALLSOP GEORGE HENRY 10/06/1918 3130373 Private BRADDOCK SYLVESTER 07/06/1918 53065 Private McCALMONT A 11/06/1918 880093 Private PIERSON H 28/06/1918 213415 Lieutenant SCULLY HAROLD LEO 07/06/1918 Link Private TURNEY W 28/06/1918 802279