Burnely, James Ethelbert: Service No. 54158

James Ethelbert Burnley (M) b. 12 January 1880, d. 10 March 1969
James Ethelbert Burnley was also known as Bert. He was born on 12 January 1880 at Manchester, England. He was the son of Walter Burnley and Fanny Jackson. While stationed in South Africa during the Boer war in 1902, Bert developed Phlebitis in his leg following Enteric Fever. James Ethelbert Burnley married Minnie A (?) circa 1910. James Ethelbert was a grocer in 1914 at London, Ontario. James Ethelbert and Minnie A were divorced after 15 December 1914. Bert enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force. on 29 December 1914 at London, Ontario. James Ethelbert Burnley married Gladys Irene Foote, daughter of Fred Charles Foote and Mabel Louise Union, before 1935. Bert and Dot adopted Vernon Stiles in 1941. James Ethelbert Burnley died on 10 March 1969 at Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, at age 89.


Digitized Service Record

Note:  Attestation papers name Minnie as next-of-kin.

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