“He was a Canadian to the fingertips…”

Private William J. Bartlett was a wizened 35-years old when the letter transcribed below was published. He was a journalist by profession and the object of his letter was 13-years his junior. The former survived the war, the latter did not. “HE DID HIS BIT”[i] [BY W.J. BARTLETT.] Pte. W.J. Bartlett of the 18th Battalion, … Continue reading “He was a Canadian to the fingertips…”

Review: “They Shall Not Grow Old”

Having blogged, written, researched, travelled, and breathed all things related to my Grandfather’s unit, The 18th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force from the First World War, for the last four-years it would only be natural to have an interest in seeing Peter Jacksons documentary, “They Shall Not Grow Old”. Having grown up with the documentaries like … Continue reading Review: “They Shall Not Grow Old”