He is Still Living

WARNING: Some details in this post may be disturbing to readers.   In a news clipping titled Letters from the Soldiers in the Paisely Advocate dated October 16, 1918, Private Edgar Joseph McAfee writes in it, “Let me know in your next letter if Jack Dobson is still living. I helped carry him out of... Continue Reading →

“We Kingsville boys…”

A letter published in the November 4, 1915, edition of the Kingsville Reporter relates some of the experiences of Private "Harry" Sirverns, late of Kingsville, Ontario. The letter covers the early experiences of the 18th Battalion as it goes into the line and furnishes another lens from a foot soldier of the war from his... Continue Reading →

Review: “They Shall Not Grow Old”

Having blogged, written, researched, travelled, and breathed all things related to my Grandfather’s unit, The 18th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force from the First World War, for the last four-years it would only be natural to have an interest in seeing Peter Jacksons documentary, “They Shall Not Grow Old”. Having grown up with the documentaries like... Continue Reading →


So states the epitaph on a gravestone at plot IV. F. 14. at the Wancourt British Cemetery south-east of Arras. The death of Private Heny "Harry" Jack was unusual as he became a prisoner and from that moment his fate would be unknown until later and his family, especially his parents, Alex and Gertrude of Paisely,... Continue Reading →

A Rousing Send Off

The First World War energized and enabled Canada to express its loyalty to the Crown and the Empire. News articles, like the one below, show the enthusiasm and support the citizenry of this new country barely 50 years old. The community of Seaforth, Ontario took considerable time and effort to acknowledge the service of the... Continue Reading →

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