Burns, Vernon Henry: Service no. 775740 (Military Medal)

Digitized Service Record

Source: Per service record of Alexander Drummond, reg. no. 730492.

Military Medal

Summary of Service[i] for Sergeant Vernon Henry Burns, reg. no. 775740

Date Event Remarks
December 24, 1890 Born Born this date to Mrs. Helen Burns at Port Credit, Ontario, Canada.
December 15, 1915 Enlisted Enlisted with the 126th Overseas Battalion at Toronto, Ontario. He was a carpenter standing 5.6.5” tall. He had a fair complexion, blue eyes, and fair hair. He was a member of the Church of England and lived at Port Credit. No prior military experience. He is 175 lbs. and has a 35” chest with 3” expansion. His next-of-kin is Mrs. Helen Burns, mother.
March 1916 Inoculated and Vaccinated
August 1, 1916 Assigns Pay Assigns pay to his mother of $20.00 per month. Note that this form has her forename as “Ellen”.
August 14, 1916 Unit Sails
August 24, 1916 Arrives England Arrives England aboard the S.S. Empress of Britain.
October 15, 1916 Struck Off and On Strength Struck off Strength from the 126th Battalion to the 116th Battalion in preparation for assignment on the Continent.
November 28, 1916 Struck Off and On Strength S.O.S 126th Battalion to the 18th Battalion.
November 29, 1916 Taken On Strength T.O.S. “in the field.” Arrives from 116th Reserve Battalion at Canadian Paste Depot, Le Harve.
December 1, 1916 Admitted Admitted to No. 39 General Hospital, La Havre. Issue was not yet determined. Slight.
January 17, 1917 Sentenced Sentenced to Field Punishment No. 1 for: When on active service, 1. Breaking away from his party on Beach fatigue, without permission, 2. Drunkeness.
February 26, 1917 Discharged to Reinforcements Suffers pay stoppages for 87 days in hospital of $0.50 per day and $0.10 field allowance.
March 5, 1917 Arrives at 2nd Canadian Entrenching Battalion
March 18, 1917 Joins 18th Battalion
April 18, 1917 Admitted Admitted to No. 6 Canadian Field Ambulance.
April 21, 1917 To Duty with Unit
August 7, 1917 Admitted Admitted to No. 4 Canadian Field Ambulance. GSW left leg.
August 7, 1917 Admitted Admitted to No. 5 Canadian Field Ambulance. GSW left leg.
August 13, 1917 Admitted Admitted to No. 10 Canadian Field Ambulance. GSW left leg.
September 9, 1917 Discharged to Duty Having suffered a GSW to the left leg, he was discharged to duty on this ate at No. 10 Canadian Field Ambulance.
May 30, 1917 Appointed Appointed Acting Sergeant with pay vice 53920 W.W. Grace, wounded.
November 15, 1917 Promoted Promoted to Corporal, vice 174554 Corporal J.A. Egan, invalided to England.
December 15, 1917 Granted 14 Days Leave Leave granted to England.
April 19, 1918 Promoted Promoted Sergeant, vice 409135, Sgt. R. Harper, promoted.
August 16, 1918 Dispatched to England Dispatched to England for Musketry Instructors’ Course at School of Musketry, Hayling Island.
September 24, 1918 Report of Progress from School of Musketry a.       Musketry knowledge on arrival at school – good.

b.       Progress during attendance – good.

c.       Whether fit for the position of Battn. Sergeant Instructor of Musketry – YES.

April 7, 1919 Dental Exam No notes.
April 9, 1919 Medical Exam Medical Exam at Witley Camp. It is determined that he has amblyopia in the left eye since childhood.
May 14, 1919 Sailed Sailed for Canada from Liverpool aboard the S.S. Caronia.
May 24, 1919 Discharged Discharged with the remaining member of the 18th Battalion at London, Ontario. His proposed residence is Port Credit.
August 5, 1919 Awarded Military Medal Ref. London Gazette. No. 31430. July 13, 1919. Page unknown.
October 23, 1922 Married Married to Mabel Norgrove at Grand Rapids, Michigan.
August 13, 1927 Emigrated to the U.S.A. Arrives in Detroit, Michigan aboard the D & W Ferry.
May 12, 1939 Petitions for Citizenship U.S.A.
1966 Dies Dies 1966 and is interned at Greene Cemetery Belding, Ionia County, Michigan, USA.


[i] The Summary of Service for this soldier is meant as just that, a summary of his service. It is not intended to be an exhaustive biographical relation of his life or his war service. Some information may be deliberately suppressed by the author out of sensitivity to the soldier. Readers are encouraged to reference the actual service records available at the Library and Archives Canada in PDF format if they wish to learn more about this soldier. Such additional information (i.e. hyperlinks etc.) are for informational purpose only and no claim to verification or accuracy is made by the author of this summary.

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