“…because life in the trenches was less irksome and monotonous and no more beastly than in places like Bouvigny Huts”

Bouvigny Huts. Bouvigny Huts. Those two words may have spelled mixed feelings with the Battalion. This would be the first time they ware billeted there but other battalions of the Canadian Expeditionary Force reported the conditions for this facility in the rear that “…life in the trenches was less irksome and monotonous and no more... Continue Reading →

“A proper exciting time…”

This is the first of a 4-part series of the analysis of articles relating to Private Frederick Hodson, who served with the 18th Battalion. 476 days had passed since the enlistment of Private Hodson and the publishing of his letter in the Rushden Echo. Frederick Hodson, a shoemaker from Galt, Ontario, had joined the 18th... Continue Reading →

War Diary of the 18th Battalion: May 1917

CONFIDENTIAL WAR DIARY -OF- 18th CANADIAN BATTALION - 2nd CANADIAN DIVISION From 1st May to 31st May 1917 Volume 31 With appendicies 1-2 Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information 1 a.m. Battalion in Reserve camp near NEUVILLE ST VAST. Battalion parade and company training. During the afternoon recreational exercise such as Football, Baseball... Continue Reading →

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