Proctor, James Allen: Service no. 159630


Digitized Service Record

Source: May 1917 casualty.

Source: CVWM


Somewhere behind the firing lines in France Pte. J.A. “CHAP” Proctor is laid away in a soldier’s grave. He had not reached his 19th birthday when his young life was cut off on May 3. The official report received by his mother at 171 Shaw street read that he was killed in action on that date. His father, Mr. “Al” Proctor, the well-known Toronto horseman, now in Saskatchewan, has not yet received the news. “Chap” was his only son. James Albert he was christened, but his chums at Giveos Street School and his friends with whom he was a big favorite, called him “Chap.” He reached France last July and did his bit in the big push at the Somme, being one of the bombers that followed the “tanks.” October 22 came around and “Chap” suddenly remembered it was his birthday and that nobody had sent him a birthday present. But Fritz did not forget and presently a high explosive shell came over and the young soldier was buried – a memorable gift, so he wrote. Pte. Proctor was born in Newmarket and after attending the public school there he continued his studies at Trinity College, Port Hope.

Toronto Star. May 23, 1917.

"Killed in Action" Was killed by enemy shell fire during operations at Mont Foret Quarries, west of Vimy.
“Killed in Action” Was killed by enemy shell fire during operations at Mont Foret Quarries, west of Vimy.
Grave Marker – A photograph of the headstone at the Orchard Dump Cemetery. May he rest in peace.(J.Stephens). Source: CVWM
Orchard Dump Cemetery – Orchard Dump Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France (J.Stephens). Source: CVWM

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