McIntyre, Wesley Calvin: Service no. 880707

Digitized Service Record

Source: Email from Jason McIntyre.


McIntyre, Wesley: Service no. 808707. Source: Gathering Our Heroes

Summary of Service for Private Wesley McIntyre, reg. no. 880707

November 5, 1896 (Possibly 1898)Born Lambton County, Ontario CanadaThis soldier lists his next-of kin as Mrs. Archie McIntyre of Petrolia, Ontario[i]. His trade or calling is that of a farmer. He has not prior military experience
April 19, 1916Enlisted in 186th Overseas Battalion.Enlists in Chatham, Ontario during the formation of this battalion.
April 22, 1916 to April 7, 1917Active duty in Canada with the 186th Battalion.His service card shows a clean record.
May 6, 1916 to August 7, 1916Military Hospital, London, OntarioHospitalized for otitis media, an inflammatory disease of the middle ear.[ii]
March 28, 1917Unit sales for England 
April 1917Assigns pay to motherAssigns $15.00 per month of his pay to his mother.
April 7, 1917Unit Arrives in EnglandBattalion shipped via S.S. Lapland.
April 7, 1917Taken on Strength with the 4th Reserve BattalionBramshott, England
August 28, 1917TOS with 18th BattalionFrance
November 8 to 28, 1917Ill with PUO (pyrexia of unknown origin – a flu)Transferred from 2/1 Home Countries Field Ambulance then to No. 64 Casualty Clearing Station to hospitals in Rouen, Boulogne, and Bouchy France.
February 14, 1918Arrives Canadian Corp Reinforcement Camp 
February 26, 1918Attached to the 4th Canadian Machine Gun CompanyIn the field (on the Continent).
March 31, 1918Assigned to the 2nd Canadian Machine Gun BattalionIn the field (on the Continent).
April 20, 1918Struck of Strength from the 18th Battalion and assigned to the 2nd Canadian Machine Gun BattalionIn the field (on the Continent).
September 24, 1918Granted 14 days’ leave. 
October 11, 1918Returns from leave. 
December 1918Re-assigns pay to sisterAssigns $15.00 per month to his sister, Maud.
December 31, 1918Forfeits 3 days payAbsent with out leave from 21:00 hours December 26 to 17:00 hours December 27, 1918.
April 12, 1919Proceeds to EnglandVia Le Harve, France.
July 25, 1919Struck of StrengthLeaves for Canada
August 8, 1919DemobilizedDemobilized at No. 1 District Depot (London) and his unit of service is recognized as 2nd Canadian Machine Gun Battalion.

[i] His assigned pay document indicates this is Mrs. Caroline McIntyre residing at 103 Maud Street, Petrolia, Ontario. It appears that at a later date he reassigned his pay to his sister Maudie McIntyre at the same address.

[ii] For more information on this please see the following Wikipedia article.

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