Stokes, Samuel Gladstone: Lieutenant (Military Cross)

Digitized Service Record

Source: Duty Nobly Done, page 264


Military Cross

Post about a letter Lt. Stoke wrote after an action.

Margaret Stokes and son Lt. Col. Samuel Gladstone Stokes. Source:
The London Gazette
Publication date:9 December 1919. Supplement: 31680 Page:15393

For conspicuous gallantry and initiative at Ciply on 10th November, 1918. He went forward as a scout officer, through the enemy’s line, entered the village which was occupied by the enemy, locating their positions and strength, and brought back information which enabled the battalion to attack and capture the village with slight casualties.

Source: The London Gazette. Publication date: 9 December 1919. Supplement: 31680. Page:15393.

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