Mowbray, James Nathan: Lieutenant

Digitized Service Record

Source: Gathering Our Heroes


Lt. James N. Mowbray. Source: Gathering Our Heroes
Lt. James N. Mowbray. Source: Gathering Our Heroes

“Just to mention one interesting item, Mr. Alex McMillan called at the Mowbray home one Thursday morning and upon being told by Mrs. Mowbray that she had just received a letter from her son, Captain James N. Mowbray, who was then in France, saying that the weather was very bad and that a great many of the men needed socks, in fact the whole company needed socks. Mr. McMillan at once contacted some of the ladies in the community informing them of the need. No doubt the ladies had been knitting  and had some pairs in reserve for just such an emergency. However, every knitter got busy and the following Tuesday, they shipped 240 – 250 pairs of socks to him.”

Tilbury Times, Thursday

22 November, 1917.


War Diary entry showing Lt. Mowbray’s arrival to Battalion.

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