Rooney, William Kenneth: Service no. 53612

Digitized Service Record


Note that this soldier is NOT listed at the LAC under this Regimental Number. See link for attestation paper location.

According to “Duty Nobly Done” Rooney, a Sergeant in June 1916, was on guard duty and saw an outgoing 19th Battalion patrol and joined it. He was later charged with desertion having abandoned his post. See page 202 for more information.

See this page for excerpt of his personal diary.

Contributed to Hill 70: Forgotten Victory web site via Lt. Rooney’s son Mr. Richard Rooney .
18th Canadian Battalion "D" Coy., West Ont. Regt. May 1919
18th Canadian Battalion “D” Coy., West Ont. Regt.
May 1919

Source with Names

WK Rooney
William Kenneth Rooney, Center. Note Officer’s Uniform
Cause of death according to family member via was suicide.


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5 thoughts on “Rooney, William Kenneth: Service no. 53612

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  1. My name is Richard Rooney and I am a grandson of William Rooney. He was battlefield commissioned in March 1917 and transferred from C Coy to D Coy. He was wounded June 1916, September 1916, April 1917 and April 1918. I have his 1917 diary. He died Nov 11 1936 and hundreds of Veterans of the 18th attended his funeral in Sarnia.

    1. Richard,

      Thank you so much for commenting and sharing your information at my blog. If you have any materials you wish me to add to William’s page please let me know. I admit my page on your grandfather does not reflect the level of service he experienced or offered during the war. From what I gather from Duty Nobly Done and other sources he was quite the soldier. If you have any supporting documentation or can direct me to any I would appreciate it. I may have to take a trip to Sarnia and get the newspaper clippings regarding his funeral and do an article about him.



  2. Hi Eric. He was certainly a great fighter, but his two courts martial would indicate he was a challenge as a soldier, a classic wild Irishman. I do have some documents and pictures, particularly his 1917 diary. Sadly his death in 1936 was suicide by drowning, his body was not found until spring so the funeral was in spring 1937, if you are checking old Sarnia Observers.

    1. I am sorry to hear about his death in that manner. In Duty Nobly Done they mention him several times.

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