Fines, Charles Edward: Service no. 745258 (Military Medal)

Digitized Service Record

Source: Per record of promotion for Corporal Joesph Spinks, reg. no. 455659.

Military Medal


This man enlisted with the 116th Battalion (reg. no. 745258) on 20 May 1916 at Port Perry, Ontario.

He was born at Whitedale, Yorkshire England 27 April 1887 and was a single farmer at the time of his enlistment. His religious affiliation was as a Methodist.

He went overseas with that unit and was taken on strength with the 18th Battalion on 6 October 1916, arriving with that unit “in the field” on 22 October 1916.

He had some medical issues from 22 August 1917 until 26 November 1917 when he returned to the 18th Battalion for duty.

He was granted a 14-day’s leave to England effective 1 December 1917.

He rose through several appointments and promotions to Sergeant effective 8 August 1918. He earned a Military Medal per the London Gazette No. 31430 dated 3 June 1919.

He was discharged on 24 May 1919 at London, Ontario along with the balance of the 18th Battalion on that day.

On 17 July 1920 he married Ivy Irene Thornhill at Port Perry, Ontario.

He is recorded to have lived at Port Perry as of 7 September 1922.

He died at Sunnybrook Hospital on 12 November 1959.

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