Parker, John Edward: Service no. 195573

Digitized Service Records

Source: Great-Uncle to 18th Battalion Facebook Group member Deryck N. Robertson.


Brother to Private Thomas Parker, reg. no. 195745, who was killed in action April 13, 1917. It is said that this brother attended to his brother as he died of his wounds.

Three Parker Brothers. Thomas (left), John Edward (center), and Gordon (right). Circa 1910 – 1915. Contributed by family member via the 18th Battalion Facebook Group.

Summary of Service for Private John Edward Parker, reg. no. 195573

August 10, 1889BornBorn at Theusay [sic], Lincoln, England
January 24, 1916Enlists with 93rd Battalion, C.E.F.Enlists in Peterborough, Ontario showing is place of residence as Hastings, Ontario.
January to July 1916Serves and trains with 93rd Battalion. 
March 14, 1916Anti-Typhoid Inoculation 
March 27, 1916Anti-Typhoid Inoculation 
May 10, 1916Vaccinated 
May 18, 1916Completed FormParticulars of Family of an Officer or Man Enlisted in the C.E.F. shows Private Parker has life insurance in the amount of $1,000 with Manufacturer’s Life.
July 1, 1916Assigns pay.Assigns $20.00 per month to a John W. Roarbeck of R.R. #2, Norwood, Ontario. This pay is assigned until December 1917 and then stops.
July 15, 1916Unit sails to EnglandEmbarks Halifax, Nova Scotia.
July 25, 1916Arrives EnglandDisembarks Liverpool, England.
September 15, 1916Taken On Strength with 18th Battalion 
September 16, 1916Arrives FranceArrives at Canadian Base Depot.
October 3, 1916Arrives 18th BattalionArrives at the Somme. Part of 66 other ranks arriving as reinforcements: “Battalion moved into reserve at SAUGAGE VALLEY. LIEUT. L.A. BISSELL taken on as reinforcement from 28.9.16. LIEUT. A.E. COCK and 3 wounded, 9 o.r.s. admitted to hospital. 66 o.r.s. arrived as reinforcements.”
May 6, 1917Wounded, G.S.W. upper right armWar Diary Entry: “Position as yesterday. During this tour much valuable work was done in improving defences, wiring, and deepening the trenches, also in the collection of salvage which was spread over the whole area. Each company established a dump and rivalled each other in the collection of the S.S.A. [small arms ammunition] Bombs, and Equipment etc. 23, arrived as reinforcements. 4 admitted to hospital.”
May 7, 1917Wounded, G.S.W. upper right armAttended to at No. 22 Casualty Clearing Station.
June 3, 1917Discharged to DutyJoins Battalion at Neuville-St.-Vast.
June 27, 1917I.C.T. right hand“Inflammation of Connective Tissue” Attended to at 5 Canadian Field Ambulance.
June 31, 1917Returns 18th Battalion 
September 30, 1917Well and with 18th BattalionInteresting entry in response to a letter.
October 10, 1917Appointed Lance-CorporalAppointed Lance-Corporal as Lance-Corporal C.W. Boyd reg. no. 455590 promoted.
February 2, 1918On Roll with Canadian Corp Reinforcement CampIt is unknown why Lance-Corporal Parker was assigned to the C.C.R.C. Possibly as an instructor.
September 3, 1918Rejoins 18th BattalionBattalion active in Last 100 Days. In Beaurains, France.
October 10, 1918WoundedBattalion very active in action.
October 12, 1918Transferred to No. 32 Stationary HospitalG.S.W. left leg. 32 Stationary Hospital is located West Wemerieux.
October 16, 1918Transferred to EnglandTransfers on H.M.H.S. St. David to Witley Camp
October 17, 1918Transferred to Western Ontario Regimental DepotThis type of transfer usually signalled the soldier was going to be sent home. At Horton County Hospital.
November 22, 1918Transferred to 1st Canadian Convalescent Depot 
December 18, 1918Struck of Strength to 4th Reserve Depot 
December 29, 1918Medical and Dental Exam at Kimmel ParkCorporal Parker is listed in “fair” health and at 140 pounds. He has gained 3 pounds since his enlistment.
January 9, 1919Struck of Strength and proceeding to Canada 
February 5, 1919Medical Exam for soldier with no disability.Lance-Corporal Parker loses 2” of height and gains 20 pounds from his medical exam on December 29, 1918.
February 10, 1919Last Pay Certificate and Discharge from C.E.F.At this time, he was serving as a Lance-Corporal. His daily rate of pay was $1.05 per day with the standard $0.10 per day field allowance. He is discharged in Kingston, Ontario. Reason for discharge – Demobilization.

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