McDougald, Roderick James: Service no. 226607

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Digitized Service Record


Photo of Roderick McDougald – Roderick James McDougald.
Photo of Roderick James McDougald. Source: CVWM


PRIV. RODERICK JAMES McDOUGALD, Western Ontario Regiment, 18th Battalion, came originally from Central Cariboo, Pictou County, N.S. In Ottawa, where he enlisted in October 1915, he was a civil servant. In June 1917 he was wounded in France, but recovered and rejoined his battalion. In late August 1917 he was ‘seriously injured’ at Vimy Ridge, and he died aged 22 in hospital in England on Sept. 7th 1917. Priv. McDougald is buried in Chichester Cemetery, Sussex, England. His uncle John McDougald, Commissioner of Customs for Canada, was a well-known member of St. Andrew’s.

Pictou Cenotaph and Memorial

Annotation 2020-01-08 142417
The Civilian. : Vol. X, no. 12 (September 28, 1917).

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