Daniels, Rene: Service no. 53559

Digitized Service Record

Source:  St Clair Township Honour Roll


Belgian. Note that his will his surname was also spelled “Danneels”. He signed it both ways.

Nine of the eleven native Belgians who are enlisted in the Eighteenth Battalion in order that they may get to the battle line of the European war and do their part to avenge the wrongs of their bleeding country. These men are all quarterd at the fair grounds. Tow others are at the barracks with the machine gun section.
From left to right the are, standing–C Verklein, A. Coutreaux, Frank Melsens, C. Can Rarjha, Charles Van Craenbraeck. Sitting–Arthur Van Meervenne, Mike Verheghe, Rene Daniels and Jules [Latoy].
London Advertiser. 9 December 1914. Page 1.
First Row, reading left to right–Pte. H. Hinscliffe, 71st Battalion, Wingham; Sergt. J. Perrin, 18th Battalion, Chatham; Capt. Hearst, 7th Battalion; Sergt. S. Clair Walker, 1st D.A.P., Toronto; Pte. R. Daniels, 18th Battalion, Chatham.
Second Row–Pte. R. Reid, 1st Battalion, Stratford; Pte. H. Brewer, 18th Battalion, Guelph,; Pte. Helling, 3rd Battalion, Woodstock; Lance-Corp. J. Cormack, 16th Battalion, Winnipeg.
Third Row– Pte. J. Gurley, 34th Battalion, London.

Source: Operation Picture Me via The 18th Battalion Facebook Group. London Free Press. June 30, 1916. Page 1.

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  1. Danneels is his real name (as on his birth certicate). In Canada en the USA, he use the name more common name Daniels.

    1. Bart, I understand. Please note that for consistency I list the names of the soldiers as they are recorded at the LAC. I then make a note in the page if I am made aware of a different name. This man signed LEGAL documents with both spellings. That is irrefutable. He accepted the spelling the Canadian Army used or he would or could have requested a correction to his records. Thank you for making me aware of this spelling.

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