Allen, Robert: Service no. 53768

Digitized Service Record

Source: Information forwarded by family member.


Paybook for Private Robert Allen, reg. no. 53768:

Summary of Service[i] for Private Robert Allen, reg. no. 53768

December 5, 1895BornBorn at Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada.
November 2, 1914EnlistsEnlists at Stratford, Ontario. He is a 19-year old single machinist with no prior military experience. His next-of-kin is identified as James Allan.
November 11, 1914InoculatedAnti-Typhus
November 22, 1914InoculatedAnti-Typhus
December 15, 1914Vaccinated 
April 1915Assigned PayAssigned $20.00 per month to Reginald Allen, 375 Ontario Street, Stratford, Ontario.
April 29, 1915Arrived EnglandArrived Avonmouth.
July 1, 1915Pay RaiseTo get Armourer 3rd Class pay.
July 9, 1915TransferredTransferred to “B” Company.
August 9, 1915PromotedPromoted to Armourer Corporal.
September 14, 1915Embarked for France 
September 22, 1915AdmittedAdmitted to Canadian General Hospital, Le Treport, France.
September 23, 1915AdmittedAdmitted to No. 9 Hospital, Havre, France.
October 19, 1915AdmittedNo. 11 Convalescent Camp
October 31, 1915Rejoined UnitIn the Field
November 15, 1915WoundedWounded G.S.W. left leg. Sent to No. 5 Canadian Field Ambulance. The War Diary makes no mention of any casualties that day.
November 16, 1915AdmittedAdmitted No. 2 Casualty Clearing Station.
November 17, 1915AdmittedAdmitted No. 13 General Hospital, Boulogne, France. Wound to the left leg.
November 24, 1915AdmittedTransported via Hospital Ship Cambria and admitted Manor House, Folkestone.
December 10, 1915AdmittedAdmitted to Goodhunt Military Hospital, Shorncliffe, England.
January 20, 1916DischargedFrom same.
February 27, 1916Medical BoardStands a Medical Board at Shorncliffe. He is considered healed and fit for duty from G.S.W. to his left leg.
August 11, 1916AttachedAttached from C.O.C. to C.A.I. & R.D. (Canadian Arms Inspection and Repair Department), 74 Tunnel Avenue, East Greenwich, England.
October 24, 1916Stuck Off StrengthS.O.S. from C.O.C to C.A.I. & R.D. (Canadian Arms Inspection and Repair Department), Ashford, England.
November 15, 1916Marriage Approved 
December 12, 1916AdmittedRoyal Hebert Hospital, Woolwich.
December 21, 1916DischargedRoyal Hebert Hospital, Woolwich.
December 28, 1916AdmittedRoyal Hebert Hospital, Woolwich.
December 30, 1916DischargedRoyal Hebert Hospital, Woolwich.
January 25, 1917AdmittedRoyal Hebert Hospital, Woolwich.
January 27, 1917DischargedRoyal Hebert Hospital, Woolwich.
February 16, 1917Admitted and DischargedRoyal Hebert Hospital, Woolwich.
April 20, 1917Struck Off StrengthS.O.S. C.O.C. to Western Ontario Regimental Depot (W.O.R.D.).
April 26, 1917Taken On StrengthT.O.S. with W.O.R.D. at Bramshott.
July 7, 1917AttachedAttached from W.O.R.D. to 2nd C.C.D., Hastings.
July 10, 1917On CommandOn Command with W.O.R.D. at Bramshott.
July 10, 1917AttachedAttached 2nd C.C.D. (Canadian Convalescent Depot)
July 17, 1917Returned and T.O.S.Ceases attach to 2nd C.C.D. and returned to 4th Reserve Battalion, Bramshott.
April 5, 1918S.O.S. and TransferredS.O.S. 4th Reserve Battalion and transferred to C.D.C., Ashford.
October 14, 1918Reported SickEssex County Hospital, Colchester, England.
November 12, 1918 Princess Patricia Canadian Red Cross Hospital.
November 20, 1917AttachedAttached from 4th Reserve Battalion to C.O.C. for trade test. Ashford.
December 7, 1917On CommandOn command at Ordnance College, Woolwich.
April 5, 1918T.O.S.T.O.S. with No. 1 Detachment, C.O.C. from 4th Reserve Battalion, Ashford.
May 2, 1918Qualified“Qualified as Armament Artificer at Ordnance College, Woolwich. Will be in future be known as Armament Cpl.”
April 9, 1918Cease to be On CommandCeased to be on command from the Ordnance College, Woolwich.
September 28, 1918S.O.S.S.O.S. from No. 1 Detachment in preparation for proceeding overseas. To C.B.G.D.
October 5, 1918To and ArrivesTo C.C.R.C.
October 10, 1918AdmittedAdmitted to No. 9 Canadian Field Ambulance, bronchitis.
October 11, 1918AdmittedAdmitted to No. 23 Casualty Clearing Station, bronchitis.
October 12, 1918AdmittedAdmitted to No. 14 General Hospital, Wimereax.
October 18, 1918To England and TO.S.Via. Hospital Ship St. Denis. T.O.S. C.O.C. Admitted to Essex County Hospital, Colchester.
October 18, 1918Discharged 
December 23, 1918On CommandOn Command with 1st Canadian Convalescent Depot (C.C.D.), Buxton.
January 24, 1919S.O.S.S.O.S. to Canada. Embarked Liverpool.
February 4, 1919PostedPosted to Casualty Company and granted furlough to February 18, 1919.
February 18, 1919Dental ExamDental exam in preparation for discharge.
February 22, 1919DischargedDischarged at Military District No. 1, London, Ontario.

[i] The Summary of Service for this soldier is meant as just that, a summary of his service. It is not intended to be an exhaustive biographical relation of his life or his war service. Some information may be deliberately suppressed by the author out of sensitivity to the soldier. Readers are encouraged to reference the actual service records available at the Library and Archives Canada in PDF format if they wish to learn more about this soldier. Such additional information (i.e. hyperlinks etc.) are for informational purpose only and no claim to verification or accuracy is made by the author of this summary.


Allen, Robert 53768

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  1. This is my grandfather. He was a machinist with the railway. I have a large wall picture of the whole 18th battalion. I have his medals and notes he made on his training.

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