Searle, Charles Henry: Service no. 53727

Digitized Service Record

Source: During search at Bruce County Museum online.

British Home Child


A2010.201.060 - Charles Searle medals and photo display
Photo and medals of Private Charles Henry Searle. Source: Bruce Remembers via #183 Branch, Royal Canadian Legion
Source: The Wingham Advance. April 13, 1916. Page 5. Note that there are some errors in the names at the introduction to this article.

The following letter was written by Pte. Charles Sawyer [Searle], who will be remembered by many to this locality. He lived for some time with Mr. and Mrs. Noble near Belgrave.

Thursday, March 9th, 1916
Bayler Batt. Learle. [sic]
No. 53272 Co’y [sic]
4th Inf. Brigade
2nd Canadian Contingent.
British R.R.,
Army Post Office,
London, England[1]

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Noble:–

I have now taken the great pleasure in writing you a few lines hoping and trusting they will find you all well at home as it leaves me very much the same at present. Well no doubt you will be greatly surprised to hear from me Jim but I happened to be thinking of you today that’s what put me in the notion of writing: thinking that you would like to hear from me away far of in this distant country away from all my good relations, but do I care, I am here to do my duty to serve my King and Country and therefore I am not afraid to die for my country. What put me here? When I saw others walking around in khaki I thought well, I seem just as much able to do my pit as they are and I can assure you that I am proud that I am here fighting for liberty and that’s the only way that we will get it by doing our share, don’t you think so yourself Jim? Ah, but far harder job than mixing cement believe me but nevertheless I am willing to do anything to save my own country.

Well Jim how is the family and Mrs. Noble. Hope they are well, hoping and trusting myself that this horrible war will soon be over and that I will be back among you all again. We have had very bad weather here the last week past but it has changed considerably I am glad to say. I suppose you are having it cold out there. Well dear friends I think I will concluded, for the future hoping to hear from you soon.

I remain yours sincerely and truly,


Source: The Wingham Advance. April 13, 1916. Page 5.

[1] The address appears to be noted incorrectly. The letter’s author is identified by the reg. number and the use of the Forename “Charlie” at the signature line.


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