Smith, Henry Thomas: Service no. 53852

Digitized Service Record

Source: Comment by Facebook Group member about her relative, Private John Smith, reg. no. 53850 dying in action April 2, 1916. Henry Thomas Smith was his brother.

Smith, Henry Thomas: Service no. 53852. Photo courtesy of Lorne Michelle Smith.
BURIAL Avondale Cemetery Stratford, Perth County, Ontario, Canada PLOT Section 8, Lot 23, SubLot 2 Photo by B.G. Wiehle via Find-A-Grave.

Summary of Service for Private John Henry Smith, reg. no. 53852

Date Event Remarks
September 11, 1880 Born Born at Rotherhithe, Kent, England.
October 22, 1914 Enlists Enlists at Stratford, Ontario. He is 30-years and 6 months old. Married to Elizabeth Sara Smith with children aged 15, 13, 11, 9, 7, 5, 3, and 1 year old. His trade is a blacksmith and his 5’ 6.5” tall. He belongs to the militia, most probably the 28th Regiment and the medical officer records his teeth as Upper Jaw – Good; Lower Jaw – Fairly Good; 2 Missing. His eyes are “Fair”. Assigned “D” Company.
November 11, 1914 Anti-Typhoid Inoculations  
November 22, 1914 Anti-Typhoid Inoculations  
December 15, 1915 Vaccinated  
December 1914 Assigns Pay Assigns $20.00 per month to his wife, Elizabeth Sara Smith, residing at 200 Nelson Street, Stratford, Ontario and then later, 28 Silwood Street, Rotherhithe, London, England.
April 18, 1915 Unit Sails Unit sails from Halifax, Nova Scotia.
April 29, 1915 Arrives England Arrives England aboard the S.S. Grampian.
September 14, 1915 Embarks France Embarks to the Continent for active service.
October 15, 1915 Injures knee and foot Pension document records that he was hurt at Dickenbusch, Belgium. He desires to be discharged in England.
November 12, 1915 Admitted 5th C.F.A. Admitted 5th Canadian Field Ambulance for “strain of arch, left foot”.
November 14, 1915 Transferred to D.R.S.  
November 14, 1915 Transferred to 6th C.F.A.  
November 16, 1915 Transferred to No. 2 C.C.S. Transferred to No. 2. Casualty Clearing Station.
November 17, 1915 Entrains for Etaples Transferred to No. 7 [Hospital] Train.
November 18, 1915 24th General Hospital Etaples, France attends 24th General Hospital for flat feet. His left foot is “flat”.
November 22, 1915 Discharged Discharged from hospital.
November 25, 1915 Discharged to C.B.D. Discharged to Canadian Base Depot, Etaples.
December 5, 1915 Classified P.B. and sent to England Classified Permanent Base.
December 7, 1915 Taken on Strength Transported to Folkestone, England and taken on strength with the 36th Reserve Battalion at West Sandling.
March 1, 1916 Medical Report on an Invalid Report relates details of injury.
March 16, 1916 Transferred Transferred and taken on strength with the Canadian Casualty Assembly Center.
April 20, 1916 Medical Board Medical Board instructs this soldier to be paraded to Moore Barrack Hospital, Folkestone, for x-rays of his left ankle and foot.
April 30, 1916 On Command On Command with the Canadian Convalescent Depot.
May 5, 1915 Struck Off Strength Discharged in England. Classified “Medically Unfit”
May 13, 1915 Discharged Discharged at the Canadian Casualty Discharge Deport, Prior Park, Bath, England.
September 20, 1958 Deceased Recorded in service record as deceased this date.



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