Blog Updates for September 2016

This past month a focus on the activities of the 18th Battalion with its involvement in the actions that occurred 100 years ago at the Somme was made. Several posts outlining with more detail the events that affected the 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade offered some insight into the actions of the 18th Battalion on that... Continue Reading →

Anatomy of a Soldier’s Page

Introduction In a recent post updating this blog and its progress Marika Pirie posted a picture on Twitter that initiated this post. Hopefully post will help others in their work to discovering soldiers of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces that they are researching. This post will show step-by-step the process taken to create a Soldier's Page... Continue Reading →

Update on Blog

The blog is progressing well and I am learning a lot along the way. At this time I have approximately 44 soldiers to be added to the Soldiers Pages in the blog where I have done the initial research and now need to go back and redo the research and properly document this in a... Continue Reading →

Update on Blog

Some updates... February 1916 War Diary Entry Taking a more measured and thorough approach I am doing soldier research before I transcribe the war diary. An Excel database has been created to better organize the work that has been done to help track the research and prevent duplication of effort. One of the big jobs... Continue Reading →

The War Diaries of the 18th Battalion, C.E.F.

What are war diaries? War diaries are the written, day-to-day record of a battalion or other organization that are kept to record the significant events and movements of personnel, individuals, and the unit as a whole. What format are they? The war diaries online are scans of paper sheets of a standardized form. The diaries... Continue Reading →

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