Huck, Norman “Squee”: Service no. 54021

Digitized Service Record

Source: Via Folkestone news article about a baseball game via Andrew Taylor from the 18th Battalion Facebook Group.


Huck, Norman: Service no. 54021. Contributed by a post to Facebook 18 Battalion Page.

Norman Huck

Survives war. Court martialed for using a “dot code” in a letter to reveal to the recipient his location. Sentenced to 28-days Field Punishment No. 1. Discharged same date and location as Cartwright and returns to Walkerton, dying on April 11, 1928.

His brother, Corporal William Edward Huck, was to die in action on October 20, 1916, while serving with the 102nd Battalion, CEF.

Featured in the blog article.

Involved in Association Football (Soccer).

Source: Folkestone Herald. May 22, 1915. Page 8. Courtesy of Folkestone Baseball Chronicle Facebook Group (Andrew Taylor).
Norman Squee Huck Dead. Walkerton Herald-Times. 1928-04-12. Page 1.

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