Going Overseas…

A letter[i] written by Private David Aikin reg. no. 880497, of the 186th Overseas Battalion[ii], gives wonderful insight into the process involved for soldiers of the reinforcing battalions of the C.E.F. being transported from Canada to England. The letter shares the travels of a soldier from Canada to England at the start of 1917. The... Continue Reading →

The War Keeps Up Its Everlasting Grind…

Above: Photos of St. Elois Craters. Captain Frederick Gilbert Newton, late of Windsor, Ontario, was an accountant that had been employed by the Canadian Bank of Commerce, now the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, may not have known that his employer would publish his letter in a pamphlet[i] for its employees and customers of the... Continue Reading →

A Letter Between Comrades-in-Arms

Those who have not served will never experience that bond developed by soldiers in a military unit, especially one involved in active combat operations. A letter has come to light that offers a glimpse at this bond and gives illuminating insight into the maw that was Passchendaele. Thanks to Michael Ritchie[i] the experiences of the... Continue Reading →

Fritz mush have got his eyes on us…

The letter below is a wonderful example of the process Canadian Expeditionary Force soldiers experienced during the Great War when they were transferred from their training bases in England to active duty with a combat unit on the Continent. Private Frank Allan Westlake had enlisted with the 161st Huron Battalion on January 10, 1916 and... Continue Reading →

A Stunt?: Lieutenant Eastwood’s Military Cross

Lieutenant Vincent McCarter Eastwood was a young University of Toronto student aged 19 years and 3 months when he enlisted with the 93rd Battalion at Peterborough, Ontario. His uncle, a medical doctor, signed his attestation papers certifying his medical fitness for duty with the Canadian Expeditionary Forces. His father, Vincent Senior, was the Royal Bank... Continue Reading →

The Attentions of Miss Mary

18th Battalion Association[i] Windsor and Detroit Branch *MEMORIES[ii]* Do you remember that just before Christmas (1915) every member of the Battalion received a nice gift package from the people of Windsor. Inside each package was a card showing the name of the donor. You were supposed to sign the card and hand it back in.... Continue Reading →


So states the epitaph on a gravestone at plot IV. F. 14. at the Wancourt British Cemetery south-east of Arras. The death of Private Heny "Harry" Jack was unusual as he became a prisoner and from that moment his fate would be unknown until later and his family, especially his parents, Alex and Gertrude of Paisely,... Continue Reading →

Letters from Vincent

Michael Ritchie is the Great Grand Son of Lieutenant Vincent McCarter Eastwood, MC. He has devoted a significant time and effort transcribing the letters of his family relation at a web site called "Letters from Vincent". This is an important resource as it offers the reader the opportunity to see what aspects of military service... Continue Reading →

A Thousand Dollars

On June 6, 1955 in Syracuse, New York, Mrs. Rose B. Scott became a widow. Almost a year passed and on May 8, 1956 she sent an inquiry through the mail to the “Department of Records, National Defence” in Ottawa, Canada regarding her husband’s military service with the Canadian Expeditionary Force. Her husband, Dennis Scott,... Continue Reading →

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