Taschereau, Emile de’ Gaspe: Service no. 35005


Digitized Service Record

Source: July 1917 casualty.

“Before the First World War, Emile de Gaspe Taschereau was a Permanent Force clerk in the Canadian Ordnance Corps, having enlisted on 1 Oct 1913. He attested for C.E.F. service at Camp Valcartier on 25 Sep 1914 with the 1st Canadian Division Subordinate Staff (regiment number 1841) and was employed in various units as a clerk after going overseas to England. Rising in rank to Staff Sergeant by 8 Feb 1915, Emile Taschereau was reduced to the ranks (i.e., to Private) on 8 Dec 1915 after being charged and found guilty by Court Martial of drunkenness and absence without leave. Promoted again to Acting Sergeant in March 1916, he relinquished this rank in Feb 1917 in preparation for transfer overseas to a unit in France. After four months in Reserve and Depot units, he joined the 18th Canadian Infantry Battalion in the field on 13 Jun 1917. He was killed in action on 20 Jul 1917 while serving with the 18th Battalion.”


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