Coincidence on a Train

Coincidence. What series of events need to come together to create one? Many people attribute unseen forces to coincidence, and some dismiss that, by chance alone, there is no way a series of events or connections can occur without some unseen force conspiring to create the event that seems but impossible to have occurred. There... Continue Reading →

Remembrance Day

Presented here are the memories of one Canadian who made the pilgrimage to the Vimy Memorial. Without further ado, and with thanks to the author, Bonny Hoyer, please read. Private George Cunningham November 10th, 2013, I found myself quietly being regarded by a petite older woman on a bus in Paris, France.  I smiled at... Continue Reading →

“Tangible recognition…”

This is the third of a 4-part series of the analysis of articles relating to Private Frederick Hodson, who served with the 18th Battalion. Special thanks to Annette Fulford (@avidgenie) and Lizbet Tobin for assistance with this article. From the previous stories we can get a sense of Hodson. He is a dutiful son and... Continue Reading →

A Stunt?: Lieutenant Eastwood’s Military Cross

Lieutenant Vincent McCarter Eastwood was a young University of Toronto student aged 19 years and 3 months when he enlisted with the 93rd Battalion at Peterborough, Ontario. His uncle, a medical doctor, signed his attestation papers certifying his medical fitness for duty with the Canadian Expeditionary Forces. His father, Vincent Senior, was the Royal Bank... Continue Reading →

The Deliquency of an Entire Battalion

Baseball was a large part of battalion life. Numerous articles attest to this at this blog. The Battalion played at Folkestone[i], at a Sports Day at Hythe, and during brigade and divisional sports days, amongst other mentions. Baseball was of keen interest to the men of the Canadian Expeditionary Force and the 18th Battalion. So... Continue Reading →

Meet Private and Mrs. Woolley

A member of the 18th Battalion Facebook Group added photographs to the Group pertaining to Private Benjamin Woolley, reg. no. 123108. A photograph of Private Woolley with his wife, Lilly. They are recorded to have lived at 1041 Frances Street, Lodon, Ontario. He enlisted with the 70th Battalion, CEF, on September 14, 1915 at London,... Continue Reading →

War Diary of the 18th Battalion: January 1918

Confidential War Diary of 18th CANADIAN BATTALION- 2nd CANADIAN DIVISION From 1st January to 31st of January, 1918 Volume 29 With appendices 1 - 5 Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information Febvin-Palfart 1 9 am to 10:30 Company parades and inspections. Physical Training until 10:30 when battalion was dismissed for the day. Being... Continue Reading →

War Diary Summary: June 1917

Battalion in the Thelus sector of Vimy Ridge May 1, 1917 and moved with the entire 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade to the RIDGE line in preparation to a month of intensive training and reinforcement of the battalions in the Brigade. Interesting note on June 3 about “2 instructors from Canadian Corps Gymnastic Staff attached to... Continue Reading →

100 Years Past: The “Fighting” 18th Battalion Lives!

18th Battalion Facebook member, Ed Wilson, forwarded these three photographs of re-enactors dressed as 18th Battalion soldiers visiting the Vimy Ridge battlefield. Specifically, the photographs of the soldier standing in the field is located in the approximate location of the 18th Battalion's position before the attack on their objectives at Vimy Ridge on April 9,... Continue Reading →

Blog Resources for Vimy Ridge

Though not exhaustive there are resources related to the 18th Battalion and its experience at Vimy Ridge. War Diary of the 18th Battalion: April 1917 War Diary Summary: April 1917 April 1917 Casualties Vimy Ridge: Instructions for the Offensive The Stress of Combat: Captain Lloyd at Vimy Ridge A Letter From a Soldier Who Served... Continue Reading →

Vimy Centennial Online Resources

With the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge the following opportunities exist to relive or commemorate this event in Canada's history. See links for dates, time(s), and details. CBC: News Special: Vimy Ridge: 100 Years On CBC TV and perhaps their live stream. Livestream: The Battle of Vimy Ridge: 100 Years Later. Veterans... Continue Reading →

A French Town Remembers

  The French town of Givenchy-en-Gohelle is situated adjacent to the Vimy Ridge Memorial and I had the pleasure of taking a coffee at the Leleu Martine Cafe in September 2015 when my sister and I visited the Vimy Memorial and battlefield. The cafe had many mementos reflecting the Canadian presence in the sector of France and... Continue Reading →

February 1917 War Diary Summary

Map 51b NW1 - Thelus Sector (original trench map from the archives of Lt. G. V. Laughton, M.C.) Source: February 1917 found the Battalion engaged in rest, refitting, and training in the Auchel sector from February 1 to 12 with one day of marching to its next duty station with the 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade,... Continue Reading →

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