Fisher, James Mattew: Service no. 112047 Lieutenant (Military Cross)

Service Record

Source: War Diary


Military Cross. Participated in DUNSTERFORCE.

Wrote report regarding the German trench raid during the morning of May 28, 1917.

Report by Lieutenant J.M. Fisher, D Company:

To Adjut.

Enemy Activity

At 1.30 AM last night centre platoon bombing post reported a large party of Germans advancing in extended order on our wire. A few minutes after report came in enemy opened heavy barrage on our front line which played on us for 15 minutes. He then placed it on reserve trench as soon as barrage lifted enemy could be plainly seen trying to get through our wire. A few rounds rifle-fire and few bursts from machine-guns and he beat it for his own line. Only one German got close to our parapet and he threw a bomb which exploded in from of BDE [brigade] gun doing no damage.

The BDE gunners certainly deserve credit for their good work last night.

After the raid much talking was heard on enemy side.

No enemy came near left platoon.

One dead German in our wire. I am having the body brought into our trench for identification.

J.M. Fisher, Lieut.
D Coy

Raid Report B page 1
Raid Report B page 2

War Diary Entry

August 15, 1917

Three platoons of the support Coys were sent up to reinforce “D” Coy. Lieut. J.M. Fisher with great judgement and coolness, prepared his counter attack in conjunction with the 21st Battalion. The counter attack was launched at 5 p.m. with the assistance of the artillery and the lost trenches were easily regained. 10 prisoners were captured.

Secret Mission

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