War Diary of the 18th Battalion: July 1917

Confidential 18th Canadian Battalion War Diary Original Copy   July 1917 Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information BARLIN 1 9 am Brigade Church Parade at HERSIN-COUPIGNY Sports ground. Divine service conducted by Maj. Gen. Simms, C.S.D. Chief Chaplain of British armies in the Field. 2 Canadian Corps sports at Camblain-le-Abbe[i]. 18th Canadian Battalion... Continue Reading →

99 Years Ago: The 18th Battalions Attack at Vimy Ridge

At Zero hour[i], vis 5.30 a.m., the advance was made. Simultaneously with the opening up of the Artillery Barrage the Battalion left the “Jumping-off” trenches[ii] and attacked the German front line. Very little opposition was met with whilst capturing the first line system of trenches. The enemy barraged “No-man’s-land” for about 15 minutes, after which... Continue Reading →

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