War Diary of the 18th Battalion: February 1918

War Diary

From 1st February to 28th of February, 1918

Volume 30
With appendices 1 – 6

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information

(Neuville St. Vaast)

1 Battalion in Reserve at Hill Camp near Neuville St. Vaast. Company parades and training. Specialist training of Lewis gunners, bombers, and grenadiers. 3 other ranks joined from hospital.


Relief 2 11 am 18th Battalion relieved at Hill Camp by 21st Canadian Battalion. On relief 18th Battalion moves to Billets at CAMBLAIN L’ABBE, passing via Mont St. Eloy. 2 o.r.s returned from Hospital.


CAMBLAIN L’ABBE 3 10 am Battalion parade for Divine Service in Cinema Hut. During afternoon A and C coys proceeded to La Motte Ranges for firing practice. 3 o.r.s admitted to hospital. Lieut. G.G. Brackin (F.2.d) returned from hospital.


4 Company parades and training per syllabus attached.


5 Pay and Bathing parades occupied the whole of the day. 8 o.r. arrived as reinforcements. 5 other ranks admitted to hospital sick.


6 Parades and training as per syllabus attached. Notification of Award of Belgium Croix de Guerre to LIEUT. J. MORGAN, Sgt. J. Faulkner, Ptes. H.W.J. Clarke and F.K. Showler.


7 Parades and inspection of Arms and Equipment as per Syllabus attached. 2 o.r.s admitted to hospital sick.




36C SE.

51C N.E.

51B S.W.

8 11.30










During the night 8/9th 18th Battalion relieved 24th Canadian Bn. in right support position, Mericourt Sector.


Battalion moved from CAMBLAIN L’ABBE passwing via Mont St. Eloy to Neuville St. Vaast, where halt was made 2.30 pm at which time it was possible to move over Vimy Ridge.


Battalion moved forward taking up positions in right support. Relief being completed at 7.30 pm. Disposition being D, B and A coy in CANADA trench. Bn. H.Q at T.26.a.35.75 and C coy at T.20c.28.10.

Canada Trench 9 to 15th During this tour in support nothing unusual occurred. Battalion furnished working and carrying parties. Much valuable work was done in salvaging throughout the support area. Dumps were established at convenient places and 439 reels of barbed wire, 816 iron stakes, and 2301 wooden stakes were salvaged by the 18th Bn.


While in support area Lieut. G.N. Tucker acted as R.T.O. [Railway Transport Officer] for the forward area at CANADA DUMP to which point Light Railway runs. Rations for Bn. H.W. and C Coy were brought up by this Railway and those for A, B, and D coys by horse transport to junction of Canada trench and New Brunswick Rd. Trench wardens were detailed from companies and the communication and support trenches in the area were cleaned and minor repairs effected. 9 o.r.s (casuals) rejoined from hospital.



36C S.W.

Battalion Frontage

N.17.d.75.70 to N.11.c.00.10

16 During night of 15/16th 18th Battalion relieved the 20th Battalion in Right subsection with H.Q. at T.16.c.9.3. Disposition of companies being A and B coys Right and Left front line with D and C coy in Right and Left support.


Relief being completed without casualty at 8.15 pm.


During the night 16/17th 4 patrols of the 18th Bn. under Lieut. G.J. Spencer and McCrae patrolled No Man’s Land on Battalion frontage, no enemy were encountered and there was nothing unusual to report.


17 During afternoon a inter company relief was completed. D and C coys relieving A and B Coys in Front line. A and B coys taking up positions vacated by D and C coys in support, relief being completed at 3.30 pm.


Front line Mercourt Sector 18 Position as shown. Considerable aircraft activity. Planes patrolling both lines. Situation quiet, nothing unusual occurred.


19 Battalion relieved in front line by 4th C.M.R. Battalion. Relief being completed by 9 pm. 18th Battalion being conveyed by Light Railway from Zivy Station. To Vancouver Camp at Chateau de La Haie. The first train leaving Zivy about midnight. 16 o.r.s rejoined from 1st Can. Tunneling Coy.


Vancouver Camp 20 Bath and clothing parades. Inspection of arms and equipment. 2 o.r. returned from hospital.


21 Battalion pay parades occupied the whole of the day. Lieut. C.E. Oglesby rejoined Battalion from the 4th T.M. By.


22 Company parades and inspections. Training in Bayonet fighting and attack. Recreational training in afternoon. 2 o.r.s admitted to hospital.


23 Training in musketry as per Syllabus attached. 6 o.r.s arrived as reinforcements. 5 o.r.s returned from hospital. Lieut. W.K. Rooney admitted to hospital. Major General WE Hodgins who was D.O.C. M.D. No. 1 LONDON ONTARIO when the 18th Bn. mobilized inspected the Battalion and its transport lines.


24 Battalion parade for Divine Service in 2nd Div. Theatre after which the men were dismissed for the day.


25 Training and inspection of specialists. Battalion furnished working party of 3 offices and 165 o.r.s digging Communication trench. Capt. T.H.O. Rayward proceeded to C.C.R.C. as an Instructor.


26 Battalion (by companies) passed through “Cloud Gas” in order to test box respirators. Working party of 3 Officers and 150 o.r.s worked 4 hours on new Communication Trench. Lieut. A.B. Yeo and 1 o.r. being wounded on this fatigue.


Relief 27 During the night of 27/28th 18th Canadian Battalion relieved 25th Battalion in Right section of Lens Sector.

36C S.W.

27/28th Headquarters being at M.30.c.40.35. A and B Coys in front line with C and D companies in close support. Relief completed without casualty by 9.30 pm. 20 o.r. arrived as Reinforcements. Front line extended from M.25.b.85.65 to M.19.b.95.70.


War Diary


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