Commemoration of the Battle at Iwuy

A group of local residents in the Iwuy, France area are working to commemorate two events that took place during the closing stages of the First World War.

At Iwuy there was the last cavalry charge for Canadian forces in the war and the German tactical use of their A7V tanks to combat elements of the 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade comprised of the 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st Battalions.

In relation to this event the members of the Iwuy ‘Storie are commemorating the battle on October 13, 2018. Below are copies of the covering letter and the tentative schedule of events. The organization is inviting descendants and other interested parties to attend this event.

If you have any questions or wish any further information contact

50, rue Foch 59 141 IWUY
Tel 0033 612 256 659
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Bearers of Memory of the 18th Batallion CEF

Iwuy 01/01/18

Official Invitation to the centenary of the Battle of Iwuy

Dear Sirs,

I am president of a local historical association named « Iwuy’Stoire » in the village of Iwuy situated in the north of France.

In Iwuy took place a short but tought forgotten battle on October 10 and 11 1918. Two historicals
facts happened, the last sword drawn charge of the Canadian Cavalry (October 10 2,15 PM) and the
the first time for the Canadian army to face German tanks (A7V type, German tanks to be built at
20 copies in WW1, whose 5 were in action at Iwuy).

We plan to commerate the centenary of the Last charge of the Canadian Cavalry on October 13th
2018 (in more than one year), and we also will pay tribute to all the soldiers who fought for the
freedom of the village. In a spirit of fraternity, we won’ t forget those who died there whatever
camp they were fighting for.

The 18th (Western Ontario) Battalion Canadian Infantry was involved in this battle and many of the
soldiers lost their lives and are buried in the cemeteries around (Iwuy (2), Rieux en Cambrésis
(Wellington cemetery), Avesnes le Sec, Naves).

We would be proud to invite some members of the 18th in charge of perpetuating the memory of
the 21st Batallion at this tribute.

Eagerly waiting for your answer, best regards,

Michel Lespagnol
President of « Iwuy’Stoire »

Itinerary for the vents of October 13, 2018 at Iwuy:

Stopped on December 13th 2017
(Subject to change)

Opening of the exhibition at the media library on Saturday at 9 am

Access to the re-enactors’ camp at 9:00 am (Maison Fiévet)

At 10:00 Welcome to the families and guests at the party hall

At 10:30 am meeting Place de la République with the municipality:

At 10:45 am Inauguration of the commemorative plaque affixed to the square.

Speech of personalities (waiting for answers) and the president of the association in the presence of
the memory bearers of the regiments having participated in the battle of October 10 and 11, 1918
and descendants.

Start of the parade at 11H15 with players Bagpipes and Harmony Municipal, parade reenactors and
3 riders (to coordinate)

A group of school and college children who have been working with Saskatchewan high school
students since early 2017 are part of the parade.

11:40 am arrival at Niagara Cemetery

Wreath laying at Niagara Cemetery, minute of silence.

Pigeons release by the Iwuy pigeon club to recall the role of the animals during the conflict.

Balloons realease with messages by students

Return to the reception hall of the town hall for a cocktail (vin d’honneur).

2:00 pm Pooling of the meal with the guests (priority to the families of the soldiers who fought
during the battle) and others foreign guests (waiting for answers) in the party hall.

Closure of the exhibition at the media library at 5.30 pm.

Concert of the municipal harmony in period costume at the sports hall at 5:30 pm (near the Jean
Moulin College).

7 pm, closure of the ceremony and sharing of the meal with the participants, volunteers and families
of soldiers.

Lettre d’ invitation 18th Battalion Organization Ceremonies project

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