Private Reginals Sachs was an 18th Battalion "Original" having enlisted in Galt, Ontario on October 23, 1914. This letter was printed October 29, 1915 and would describe the end of September or early October 1915 when the Battalion first entered the trenches in active duty after its training as part of the 2nd Canadian Contigent … Continue reading “WAS GOING TO TELL ABOUT THE TRENCHES”

“…a pretty near squeak…”

This is the last of a 4-part series of the analysis of articles relating to Private Frederick Hodson, who served with the 18th Battalion. Special thanks to Annette Fulford (@avidgenie) Lizbet Tobin, and Sharon Munro for assistance with this article. Private Frederick Hodson, M.M. of the 18th Battalion. Hodson is well established in England, as his … Continue reading “…a pretty near squeak…”

“They soaked us pretty well…”: Two Perspectives of England

These letters (transcribed in full below) are interesting as they represent the perspectives of two of the major demographic groups that enlisted in the 2nd Canadian Contingent in the latter part of 1914 with the 18th Battalion: British and Canadian born soldiers writing their first letters from England after their transit to prepare to fight … Continue reading “They soaked us pretty well…”: Two Perspectives of England