Sacks (Sachs), Reginald: Service no. 54071

Digitized Service Record

Source: Galt Daily Reporter. October 29, 1915. Page 2. “Was Going to Tell About the Trenches” by R.G. Sacks [sic]


Lieves Surely Worth More Than Cent London Advertiser April 14 1915 Page 11
Note that the article spells his name as “Sacks”. London Advertiser. April 14, 1915. Page 11.
Galt Daily Reporter. October 29, 1915. Page 2.


Dr. S.E. Charlton has received the following interesting letter from Pte. Reg. G. Sacks of C Company, 18th Battalion, now in Belgium, formerly of Galt.

“Just a few lines to let you know ho I am getting along. We have been so busy I have not had much time to write. The weather  over here is not as good as it might be. The first week we landed here was very fine and dry, but it has been and is now wet and cold and plenty of mud to walk in. The crops both here and in England have not been as good for years, and I tell you it means a lot to us all at this time. I also note by other letters that you are getting the same very wet and cold weather this summer, but it is the same all over. Well, sir, I have come to the best of the news, which you would like to hear, and that is about the trenches. First is that we had an inspection by Gen. Alderson, commander of the Division, and (here the censor got busy and the description of the trenches go struck out). Well, sir, we have all been in the trenches for eight days and know a little about war. The worst of it was that it rained for four days and it was [hard] walking around in the water and mud, but we must not expect much better these times. We came out Tuesday night for a few day’s rest, and got a good bath and clean clothes, and I tell you that we all felt better and ready for action again. I am glad to report that we are being looked after very well, and have no complaints to make, and I assure you that we shall always think of Galt and you can be proud of us.

Source: Galt Daily Reporter. October 29, 1915. Page 2.

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