What the Photographs of C.W. Boyd Tell Us

A wonderful and treasured set of photographs of Charles Wesley Boyd have been contributed to the 18th Battalion Facebook Group and they help tell this soldier’s story. Biography Charles Wesley Boyd was born on October 11, 1896 in Campbellford, Ontario. Campbellford is located on the Trent-Severn Waterway 28 kilometers north of Trenton, Ontario. His parents … Continue reading What the Photographs of C.W. Boyd Tell Us

A Mother Found

Private Robert Mitchell Armitage was a little out of his element when he was transferred to the 18th Battalion. Private Armitage enlisted in London, Ontario but was originally born in Montreal, Quebec and listed his “current address” upon attestation as Charlestown, Ohio. This Canadian man who joined initially the 1st Depot Battalion, Western Ontario Regiment … Continue reading A Mother Found

Service History Summary of the Broadbent Brothers

Summary of the service history of the Broadbent brothers who served with the Canadian Expeditionary Forces in World War 1. Three brothers, Arthur, Charles, and Ephriam all served with the 18th Battalion. William served with the 47th and the 44th Battalion. Arthur Windsor Broadbent Charles Wesley Broadbent Ephriam Edward Broadbent William David Broadbent Service No. … Continue reading Service History Summary of the Broadbent Brothers