Evans, George: Service no. 54122

Digitized Service Record

Source: Gave testimony during a Court of Inquiry regarding the accidental death of Lt. W. O. Brown.


Private “Bike” Evan of local baseball fame, has been wounded. In Wednesday’s official casualty list he was given as being a resident of London. His address, however, should have been 21 Waterloo Street, Brantford. His wounding will recall the story of a single-handed grenade exploit he pulled off. Out on line scouting expedition “Bike” came to a German trench. Noises made it apparent that it was occupied and he called down and asked how many there were in the trench. Back in good English came the reply, “Eight.” “Then take these,” answered “Bike,” throwing a couple of handfuls of grenades amongst them.

Brantford Expositor. October 20, 1916

Source: Doingourbit.ca. (2018). George Evans | Great War Centenary Association. [online] Available at: http://www.doingourbit.ca/profile/george-evans [Accessed 26 Dec. 2018].

Article about this soldier.


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