Clem (Clemm), Victor Wallace: Service no. 444968 (Military Medal with Bar)

Digitized Service Record

Source: Per record of promotion William Asher 53653.


Note that the surname may have been spelt wrong. May be Clem per this site page.

This man enlisted with the 55th Battalion on June 16, 1916, as Sussex, New Brunswick. He was a mariner and had no prior military experience. His reg. no. was 444968.

He was married to Florence Clem and was residing at 172 Wentworth Street, St. John, New Brunswick.

His will was made out to his brother Austin, of Burlington, Kings County, Nova Scotia.

He arrived in England aboard the SS Corsican on November 9, 1915. He then was stationed in England where he was eventually transferred to the 18th Battalion for active service effective August 27, 1916.

He was awarded the Military Medal on July 28, 1917 and was given a bar to this medal later.

He rose to the rank of Sergeant being promoted in the field on September 1, 1918.

He was discharged on April 14, 1919 at Sussex, New Brunswick.


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